Short Takes – Comey the Ridiculous


Comey is only the latest manifestation of the Left’s derision over Trump’s presidency. Hillary is
already there still out on the rubber chicken circuit blaming everybody except herself for losing a
sure thing election. She produced a book of excuses and so has Comey. Both can as easily
drag down what’s left of the Democrat Party as the scary thought of another term of Nancy ‘the
forgetful’ Pelosi as Speaker. But, this is not about Hillary, it’s about Comey, but I don’t know why!
Comey said: “I didn’t leave the Republican Party, the Republican Party left me.” How absolutely
unimaginative is that statement. He must think it pure genius because how many people of any
consequence have already used those very words, myself included? It’s because the changing
political landscape is leaving many people confused about what their party’s are doing while the
base knows the party’s are atrophying of their own carelessness and inattention.
A trusted reader of my essays sent me this: “The biggest problem conservatives face is that
they have no party. The Republican party is killing itself and has failed its members since
Trump’s victory. The Democrat party should have been buried now, but the Republicans won't
fight. In fact, maybe they never have.”…ouch!
And there we have it in a nut shell. That’s a spot on, clear assessment of why the Republican
party will soon join the Democrats as archaic institutions ready for the revised history books.
Comey pretends he was a Republican but used his authority to protect the very enemies of
American Constitutionalism, the Clintons and the DNC.
The only thing the GOP agrees on is that Democrats can’t be trusted. The base has known that
for years and sent new people up their only to watch them morph into Democrats lite like my
Congressman of Ga’s 9th. All those years the GOP voted the Democrat agenda all along, until
Trump that is, and now they don’t know how to handle the success Trump b brought ‘em.
Perhaps that what Comey meant about the “Republican Party left him,” comment!!
In his first book tour interview, Left-leaning NPR asked him why he thought it necessary to
describe Trump’s hands as small and he came up with this: I never said they were small. I
merely said they were smaller than mine. Well, he also didn’t like Trumps orange hair or his long
ties. What’s going on here, is that Comey is trying to cast himself as a victim, just like that stupid
supposed comedian Kathy Gifford did with the Trumps head in a basket skit. Not funny!
These people are deranged, absolutely deranged. I hesitate to wander but Al, “the sky is falling”
Gore, fits that profile too. Scientific derangement. If this keeps up any evidence of shame or
dignity coming from a Democrat will be artificial because the Democrats are out of equilibrium,
with history and with the American people, which is why they desperately want to fill America
with illegal immigrants. Americans won’t support them any more, immigrants might.
I heard a Little League coach once say, that baseball didn’t teach children character, it revealed
it. So does politics. When politicians and their deep state supporters, like James Comey, start
believing their own nonsense, then they have nearly fulfilled the dim prospects for civilization
laid out so succinctly before us by George Orwell in at least two of his books The Animal Farm
and 1984. These people live in the twilight zone once occupied by witch doctors and shamans,
necromancers and zombies. It’s all very ridiculous, don’t you think?. Comey is ridiculous.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way.Now, go get ‘em!

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