Georgia’s Senatorial Dilemma


If you are not a Georgia voter, you can ignore this essay. But, it is important to national politics
and the realignment of the classic Republican party that is firmly stuck in Americas burden, the
Tar Baby that is the Deep State, effectively designed for purposeful mediocrity and or money.
Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, against the advice of the State GOP establishment, has decided
to nominate a successful conservative businesswoman Kelly Loeffler, to fill the soon to be
vacated Senate seat of the retiring Johnny Isakson. The Republican party is going nuts over his
decision because it’s his, not theirs. Who is she and why did Kemp choose her over the party’s
objection? Gov. Kemp say’s she’s conservative and I trust his judgement; I voted for him.

The States Republican Party insists Georgia’s 9th Dist. Rep. Doug Collins, the now publicly
voracious pro-Trump bulldog chewing on the pants legs of the Democrat dufus Jerry Nadler,
Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is more worthy of filling Johnny’s seat. Why Doug
Collin? Because he’s noisy? He’s doing fine where he’s at and I’m not at all sanguine that his
selection would be all that good for Georgians. Georgia’s two political parties are themselves,
only state size versions of the deep state designed to keep outsiders from fouling their business
nest. Doug Collin’s quick rise in the House GOP leadership suggests his potential deep state
credentials. I’m just wondering out loud! I like Paul Broun as a logical choice for Senator.

I reside in the 9th Dist. and Collin’s is my Rep. I voted for Doug when he first ran and I
contributed to his campaign. But, in his first year he appeared to be moving subtly to the political
center supporting the national party’s moderate position in most things. Paul Ryan was the
House Speaker then. Since Trump, Collin’s conservative voting record agreeably hovers in the
97% in support of Trump, so apparently he's got his groove back. Having said that he is exactly
where he needs to be and where we need him, as Georgia’s 9th District Congressman, not a
Senator. He can challenge for that job later if he wants it bad enough.

I also understand the only way a motivated Congressman can move up in the ranks of party
leadership is by donning the cloak of invisibility, toe the party line and allow one’s principles to
be suborned to the dark side. But, having said that we are realizing the Republican party is no
longer the party of Constitutional Conservatism but have become instead, an elected group of
privileged elites whose primary mission now appears is to protect the status quo or, the Deep
State. I admit to being puzzled by Rep. Collin’s rising star as an outspoken supporter of
President Trump, but that doesn’t qualify him to be our senator. I remain very skeptical.

Our soon to be ‘senior’ Senator David Perdue never held public office before he ran to replace
the retired Saxby Chambliss. But, he was a successful businessman, spoke to the electorate in
humble phrases, won the job and has not failed to satisfy. That he’s pro-Trump is an added
blessing. Successful folks like Perdue and hopefully, Kelly Loeffler are exactly what government
needs. They are both successful business leaders and Loeffler, like Perdue, does not carry the
baggage of having been a money grubbing politician and that can’t be bad.

Kelly Loeffler apparently stands high in the Governors estimation and I can’t see a single reason
why she should not have a shot at helping David Perdue and President Trump. Their primary
objective is to drain the swamp. In arriving at this assessment, I realize I break with the opinion
of Sean Hannity and saddle up with Eric Erickson. But, neither have I especially been a camp
follower of either. That’s why I write my own opinions in these essays. Let’s support Gov. Kemp!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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