Georgia’s 6th District Election (opinion)


Georgia’s 6th District Election

The hoopla is over, the noise has abated, the decision is made and Republican Karen Handle, with a fairly good record of political achievement at the Georgia state and local levels, has kept the 6th Congressional House District in Republican hands. But why did it cost so much?

Absolutely no doubt it was “hotly contested.” It even made the record books as the most expensive congressional campaign ever fought in America, anywhere. The contenders didn’t fight for it because of the great retirement and health plans. It was in fact, another small fight for the soul of America, It was Trump’s, Make America Great Again vs.The Wicked Witch of the West, i.e.: Nancy Pelosi. Depending on whose side one took, this special election was either a confirmation of Trump, a blow to Pelosi, or another exercise in Democrat futility. It was a confirmation for Donald Trump. Pelosi was an anchor to them and will be in 2018.

To me, the happy result, despite a lopsided Democrat advantage in spending, was a foregone conclusion. The fact that the Democrat Party is dying or at least atrophying on the political vine, the cost expended by them revealed the Party’s desperation for regaining national relevancy by funding such an expensive campaign for a millennial candidate, Joh Ossoff, with no exceptional experience, in a red state that went for Trump.

For the Democrats, the race was a signal one. Had they won and they had to try, the flood gates to recapture the House and reinstall their scheme to socialize America, they hoped, would be open again. But, as history has shown, hope is not a plan. It didn’t happen!

The Democrat (Marxist) party, especially their Hollywood lackey's, poured millions of dollars into promoting a candidate whose worst feature, apart from not having any meaningful experience, was that he didn’t even live in the district he wanted to represent. Possibly the most memorable moment in his campaign occurred when a debate of sorts, was held and Karen Handles first question to him was “So, Jon, who are you going to vote for? “ followed by dead silence.

Listening to the constant political ads from both sides, one would have thought Jon Ossoff already had vast legislative experience. We were told he saw fraud, waste and abuse and fought hard for the rights of Tax Payers. Actually, he was merely a functionary, an aide in the Congressional office of Hank Johnson, the ignorant Georgia congressman who opined publicly in a Congressional hearing his fear that if a brigade of Marines were added to the Guam contingent, might the Island not capsize? From the Republican perspective, one would have thought Nancy Pelosi was Ossoff’s puppeteer, and they campaigned on that vision.

To his credit, Ossoff was not churlish in his defeat but he did think his campaign had awakened a movement. To her credit, in her victory speech, Karen Handle, thanked President Trump for his personal support in her fund raising, and his social media support with his “tweets.” This Democrat defeat will mean more soul-searching about what’s needed to flip Republican- held seats in the 2018 midterms. Clearly, an excess of spending wasn’t the answer. They need a pro-American message, not socialists slogans. Their effort fell short with more than $31 million poured into the Ossoff campaign alone by donors and outside groups while the GOP spent $23 million for Handel’s campaign.

There are warnings enough here for both sides. The fact that Republicans had to work hard to hold on to this historically conservative district is a warning to the them that they may have a hard fight ahead for the 2018 elections. There was no need whatsoever that the GOP had to spend $23 million keeping it. So, GOP beware, the Democrats are down, but they’re not out and if they ever get back, we’ll never, ever have another chance of restoring America and making it great again. At the moment, they shot their Ossoff.

The elephant in the room is President Donald Trump. The people elected him and in his first six months, while keeping the Democrats and the leftist media off balance with his “tweets,” he has continued to quietly roll back Obama’s imposed socialist state. He must be allowed to keep it up. For the Democrats, this election shows that first and foremost they must find adult leadership. They have no one on their side who can speak up politically, as an American not a Marxist. That disparity alone, will be the achilles heel for the Democrats. Add to that the ubiquitous Nancy Pelosi babbling her nonsense.

The fight is now on and conservatives, GOP or not, mean to win it. This fight is bigger than two ossified and somnambulistic political parties trying to keep power. It’s a fight for the soul of America. We had better win it. Now, remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way.

So, go get ‘em!


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