Dementia on View


Our American founders purposely divided representative government into three parts, the
Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial, and each have their constitutional roles to play in
making government work. It was the founding father James Madison who observed that “the
epitome of tyranny is the combination of the executive, legislative and judicial functions in a
single branch.” That is the goal the Democrat party now desperately see’s slipping away from
them so long as Donald Trump remains President. What to do? First, go berserk!

The Democrat Party no longer is a champion of the rule of law or the US Constitution, but have
shown themselves wholeheartedly, thanks to Barak Obama, to be champions of Marxism. That
word, “Marxism” Democrats have camouflaged under the moniker of “Progressivism.” The main
point of American governance of the two party system, has always been Constitutional, until the
Marxists usurped the Democrat party changing it into a ‘socialist’ organism. Their next goal is to
move their political message forward into Marxist style socialism. When Americans finally figure
out they’ve been scammed, that will inevitably change into totalitarism. The people will have to
be beaten back into submission.

This socialist campaign was working until Donald J. Trump appealed to Americans, showing
them the declining America the Democrats have already brought us. Consequently,Trump beat
‘em at the vote. It was never ever conceivable in their plan to lose the 2016 election. That would
have been the lock on a dim future for America. Now, the popular “Trump Derangement
Syndrome" reverberates in the media every time her highness, Hillary Clinton, opens her mouth.
The change of governments in our two party system has heretofore always been peaceful if not
complained about by the losing side. But, for one party to absolutely refuse to accept the vote
results because they thought the fix was in for their candidate, exposes their un-American
derangement making them dangerous and, as we increasingly see on American streets, violent.

To attempt to remove the Presidential winner by stealth, fraud and trickery, using the subterfuge
of false flags to generate official investigations, by developing phony reports, the illegal
interceptions of communications (i.e.: wire tapping), enlisting fake witnesses under the equally
false flag of “whistleblower,” and out and out cheating by discredited federal law enforcement
agencies, seriously smacks of treason.

Failing all their other attempts to remove or discredit the President, even as he fulfills his
election promises, they turn to yet another creative scam, the phone call between two
presidents a “leaker” allegedly thought was bribery, when in truth, it focuses all eyes on the real
culprit of bribery, Democrat candidate, sleepy Joe Biden and his untalented son, Hunter.

The sham kangaroo court act the demented House Democrats are performing, under the one
sided leadership of Adam Schiff for brains, fails to rise to the level of fairness that American’s
expect. We’re not stupid! These one-sided hearings shows a desperation by the losing
Democrats to save Joe Biden’s reputation, deny the truth of Joe’s own recorded admission he
made threats by bribery to remove a prosecutor, and using his political influence to provide a
standard of living for his useless son Hunter, he has grown to expect. It’s the standard
Democrat MO: “Deny everything, admit nothing and blame somebody else,” even when it has
been seen on TV over and over again. Now is not the time for the GOP to weaken. It’s time for a
new strategy, attack, attack, attack!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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