A Quickening


A Quickening!

America is facing a “Quickening,” a time of renewed enthusiasm, a warming toward a stolen America in danger of being lost and gone forever. Ever since the ascendency of the marxist infested Democrat party and the corrosive role it has played in American politics by its decades long hegemony over laws and policy, accelerated under the Presidency of Barack  Obama, Americans have suffered a long period of lethargy when anything the socialist wanted they got, all in the name of being fair, the Constitution and the rule of law be damned.

Major political changes throughout the world are altering the dynamics of our own political discourse, realigning who will be our friends and foes and causing us to realize the common thread of most all governments, including our own, is that corruption is the new norm.

This important realization, that our own American government is riddled with corruption, as exemplified by the establishment elites who do not want to give up to the will of  Americans, show that while voter loyalties are indeed changing, that entrenched criminality has its  own limited shelf-life. It’s all coming apart, like Humpty-Dumpty and they can’t put it back together again. We, the citizens must do it. Hence, the election of Donald Trump.

Trump is as much a Republican as Bernie Sanders is a Democrat. Sanders hitched his star to an organization, the DNC, so corrupt, it wouldn’t even give him a fair chance at winning. Trump, on the other hand, with his populist message, “Drain the Swamp,” swept all the Republican elites away, then destroyed the Democrats. We are surely entering a “Quickening!”

That very fact reveals a lot about how much our political values have changed and how Americans are learning to separate truths from lies. It is a growing cadre of alarmed conservative activists (Tea Party) who are getting involved in the political process at the local levels while the disoriented and unconsolable minions of Socialism gathered together in the streets, clad in hoodies and face masks, intent on destroying anything and anybody who stands in their way and disagrees with them.

The media insists on polling voters in the vain hope Americans are disgusted with Donald Trump as they want us to see him. They are shocked to realize we are not so inclined, so they create false stories, legitimize lies and glorify innuendos as half-truths by breathlessly reporting on created issues sworn to by corrupt bureaucrats, the sole purpose of which is to stop Trump’s destruction of their corrupt empire by actually draining the swamp.

The attempted assassination of Republican Congressman, Steve Scalise, House majority whip by a well armed hater intent on killing Republicans, is a step in the direction I have warned about in numerous of theses timely essays, from protests to gunfire. Politics is getting nasty. The deranged Left is capable of murdering their opponents, like the Bolsheviks of old did, as today’s incident suggests. Consider the list of dead people in the wake of the Clintons for example. Throw in the dangers facing us from the embedded Islamic Jihadists elements in our society and once placid Americans will start figuring out they are the real targets, arm themselves and fight back. It’s a “Quickening” we’re in. Don’t doubt it.

America’s is only a shot away from a new civil war. Has that first shot now been taken? Maybe, if not, it’s getting closer and closer. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way.

Now, go get ‘em!


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