A Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor:

Democrats need to stop the violence! With this most recent, despicable attack by four African Americans on a defenseless mentally challenged white man, it appears that there are few, if any, responsible people left in the Democrat Party, starting with President Obama on down to lowest Democrat precinct leader. And it’s long past time for those in it’s leadership, who are responsible for the direction of their party and it’s membership, to speak out against, and end the violence that is being perpetrated against innocent people in their name.

Where has President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrat leadership been since Trump was elected? Charlie Sheen tweets about God striking Trump dead, cops are being murdered just for wearing the uniform, thugs were shown on Fox News beating a man because he voted for Trump, troublemakers were paid to pick fights with Trump supporters at his Rallies, Trumps daughter was accosted on a plane by a Hillary supporter, threats are being made against president elect Trump, jokes are made by members of the media about his plane crashing and his supporters are being harassed and called racists. Now, a man is tortured because he is white, yet we do not hear a peep out of Democrats.

When will all this violence and hate speech stop and what will it take for Democrats to speak out and stop it? As a Democrat once said to Senator McCarthy…have you no shame? If a tea party person did 1/10 of the above we would have heard outrage from every member of the Democrat leadership, starting with President Obama.

Written by Conrad Quagliaroli, Chairman, Cherokee Tea Party

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