War and Peace


Religion article written by Dr. Bob Allen:

Our power for war is prayer. Our weapon is our voice when we speak His word in faith by the Holy Spirit.

I am very concerned about our great nation, America.  Every Christian I know has the same concerns. It is as though I have lived in two different Americas. America then, and America now. Some are saying God is judging our nation, but I don’t think so.

John12:47 Jesus said, “I came not to judge the world, but to save it; the words that I speak unto you the same shall judge you in the last day.” I think we are living in a period of grace. I feel nothing but blessed! I thank God that He is not judging us at this time.  I do think that He would find it hard to bless this nation at this time. I think we are practicing self-rule, and bringing disasters upon ourselves. We are rejecting the ways of the Lord.

2Tim 3:13 The Bible says, “Evil men will wax worse and worse.”  I do not think this is the hand of a loving, kind God against us, but are we letting the world get bigger and more powerful than the church? It looks like a picture rather of the wheat and tares growing together as Jesus said. Sometimes I think the tares are flourishing, and growing more than the wheat. Some people might feel that the “silent church” needs a wake-up call. I believe we have been on a course of self-destruction for many, many years. I remember when it all began to fall apart. One thing they used to say is, “take prayer out of school and watch and see what happens.” I am watching, and I see what happened. We don’t need to be judged by God; we have made our judgment calls. We have brought our problems on ourselves, and it has brought disaster.

Ten years from now, a young person will hardly know the difference between a man and woman.  Gays will be elected to many high offices. They will be running our schools and many of our churches. Low morality, as we know now, will plummet even deeper. Our population base that supports and depends on the nation through reproduction will dwindle down. I believe we will have to import more people to work to maintain our tax base.

Have you noticed when you make a phone call that you hear, “for English press one?”What has America moved? Adios America!

Instead of judging us, God is probably feeling sorry for us, and saying something like, what foolish people; don’t they remember the days of Sodom and Gomorra?

With the Supreme Court’s recent decisions, I think that many are trying to make America a godless nation.

I know that we, the people of God, have done our best to send good people to Washington.  We have also sent our tax money. Our elected officials have failed us by letting this country get in the shape that it’s in. I believe they have failed in almost every area. We now have forty-seven million people feeding off the taxpayers’ money every month. Not many years ago we had twenty-five people paying in for every one receiving. Now it is down to three paying in per person. How long, O Lord, can it last? I never talk about these things, because I hate to do it, but I am a part of The Church, and it is my responsibility.

Let me show you one way that I think our Presidents, our senators, and members of Congress have failed us in the last forty years:  At one time China was a very poor, somewhat backward nation. America at that time was the world’s greatest industrial nation on the earth, leading the manufacturing base that supplied jobs, stability, retirement plans, insurance, vacations, sick leave, and the ability to buy homes. America also provided a sense of security for families, in essence, hope and future.   Manufacturing is good, and there were lots of factories in every state. This built confidence in people by teaching them skills. It gave blue color workers a sense of worth and value. It gave America a great tax base which gave us the greatest war machine on earth.

Then came the great wealth transfer. Now probably seventy-five percent of things in your house come from China. Most of our factories are there, as well as, our money. We are now being hijacked with higher prices for their goods.  Now America borrows money from them to run our country. China is makings lots of investments in our country; they now own Volvo, as well as Smithfield Foods and so on. China is buying our country up with our money. (Vote Smart)

China, as of last year, became a wealthier nation than America. They have a greater military machine and a far more disciplined and larger army than ours built with the American dollar.  We recently announced that we are laying off forty thousand soldiers. In America, the upper-income man is doing well. He simply buys their goods for five and sells for ten.  God bless him, but the rest are hurting.

My best thinking tells me that it would be very difficult for any leader to retool America, and bring back our factories; if not impossible.  We would have to import workers. I don’t believe you will ever be able to take free money out of the hands of the people! JOBS to replace FREE MONEY. What? Are you kidding?

Our government says we have eleven million Spanish peoples in America with about ninety-five % or more from Mexico. I say more like twenty-five million. I say this with confidence because I was at one time working in the sheet rock business in North Carolina for my brother-in -law and when I hired a Spanish subcontractor he would always have a van full of workers. I remember we always figured about four per crew; otherwise, I hired one with paperwork and always got four or more, it is for sure there are about four for every one they have paperwork on.

Think about this, twenty-five million people and they are all working; this is America’s new labor force, and thank God for them, however, they pay very little taxes.

My wife just spent a week in the hospital in West Palm Beach.  We estimated that about seventy-five percent of all doctors, nurses, and other help were not from America. Very few of the common laborers were American. They did seem to be good at their jobs, and by the way, this is South Florida, which is a big melting pot.

We are killing around 3,700 babies a day if we only kill five days a week that is right at a million a year.  58,500,000 since 1973. Think about that fifty-eight and a half million. There must be many doctors, nurses, laborers, teachers even preachers killed.  (I googled these numbers).

I have already picked my candidate for president, and I hope you will join me. I think I have already learned my lesson. I am watching for the man that I think has the best prayer life, and that spends the most time in the Word of God. I want the man that I believe can touch the heart of God. We remember what God said to Abraham about Sodom: Ten righteous men could have saved Sodom. Maybe we can start a prayer revival and help put God’s man in the White House, and play some part in rescuing our country. If we are born again, we are Father God’s righteous sons and daughters. We are made right. We are put right through the blood of our wonderful, precious Savior, Christ Jesus.

2Chr7:14  “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Mal3:6 “For I am the Lord, I change not”. He’ll do it.

If my friend, we elect a man who will go to the White House, and fall on his face before the world, and lift his hands to heaven and call upon the name of the LORD as well as call the nation to repentance, God can and will turn this nation around.

I don’t think any smart man can save and restore America. I have voted for smart men for years. It makes me think; maybe I’m not all that smart. From now on, I am looking and praying for God’s person. I hope you feel the same way. I still have great hope for the future of America, but it is in the hands of Almighty God.  We must pray for our country!!!

Written by Dr. Bob Allen

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