A Dark Future?


Opinion by George McClellan:

Does it occur to anyone exactly how corrupt, evil and destructive the Democrat Party is? The Republicans can’t hold a candle to the Democrats when it comes to sleaze and corruption and outright criminality. They’re close but they’re still penny-ante operators in a political exercise where only ripping your enemy’s throat out really counts.

Obama, with his pre-inditement endorsement of Hillary Clinton effectively negated Federal Law and relegated the stringent requirements for the safe guarding of classified documents to the dust bin. Government employee will no longer fear being charged with these types of crimes. They will be Oops moments! The gutless republicans have been afraid to impeach this wonder boy for eight years for his high crimes and misdemeanors and now, it’s too late!

Obama’s ‘legacy’ is toast if Hillary does not succeed him. Obama, in his endorsement said: “I don’t think there has been someone so qualified to hold this office. She has the “courage, compassion and heart” to be President. I have a clue for Mr. Obama. Courage, compassion and heart are remarkable on the battlefield or on the mean streets of decaying cities, but they’re not necessary traits required to be president as Obama himself has demonstrated over the years. As a flash back, Obama also said: “She’ll say anything and change nothing” (campaign, 2008).

The hapless Republican party, no match for the Democrats, has been content to lie to its constituents year after year after year, promising to fight for conservative principles, smaller government, reduce taxes, reduce spending and support for the military, then doing nothing for fear of offending Democrats by voting for all democrat programs. That’s why they’re in trouble now and that’s exactly why Donald Trump will be the next President.

The principles described above have precipitated our descent into total political corruption because politicians recognize that society is composed of two types of people, those who lust for power and control and those who just want to be left alone. Embedded within both of those classes, is a significant number who really don’t give a crap (criminal class), and a significant number who are so afraid of the future they will cling to any candidate who will promise them nirvana (Liberal educated class). We’re talking selecting our leaders by popularity contests here folks! To be a leader in our systems, both government and business, generally requires moving up through the ranks suborning ones own instincts, right or wrong, to the will of the organization. Both Obama and Clinton are exceptions. So will be Donald Trump.

None the less, “It would be remiss if we didn’t congratulate Hillary Clinton on winning her parties nomination and becoming the first female Democrat to run for the office of President (a mantle she wears loudly). Not only has she proven that women can ‘do the job’, but that they can be dishonest, criminally incompetent, and completely bereft of any sort of moral compass whatsoever. Thank you Hillary for proving that women can suck every bit as much as any garden variety bald white guy that’s been doing the job for the past 250 years (although that lady in Brazil could give her a run for her money). Hooray for ovaries in politics!”.. shared by permission, Mr. C.E. McClellan.

Hillary Clinton is a “Con artist” of the first order. She’s con’d the Arabs out of millions, Wall Street banks out of millions, universities out of thousands, and many of us out of our votes so she can continue to abuse the power she believes she’s entitled to simply because she’s a woman. She’ll expect us to believe that this will pass for freedom and democracy.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (10 June 2016)

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