Congressman Collins Praises Preservation of Historic Bridge and Commonsense Agreement Between Parties


Washington, D.C. – After months of negotiations, an agreement has been reached between Norfolk Southern Railroad, the Georgia Department of Transportation, and the City of Lula, Georgia, on the maintenance and upkeep of the Cobb Street Bridge, which was closed last year due safety issues. Congressman Collins, who helped facilitate the meetings between the involved parties, issued the following statement on the resolution:

“As a result of these negotiations, this historic landmark will be preserved, and maintained to ensure the safety of the community and the efficiency of the railroad. I have very fond memories of driving over this bridge on my way to baseball games growing up.”

g collin

“This highly trafficked area is vital to Lula’s economy – trains pass under it multiple times a day, and it serves as a main route to cross a town divided by railroad tracks. Norfolk Southern has agreed to do all the repairs necessary to bring the bridge up to code, and then continue to oversee care and maintenance of the bridge going forward. Over the last few months, I have been in contact with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Georgia Department of Transportation, which have been diligent in working together to help the City of Lula and Norfolk Southern get this matter resolved. I am proud that my office was able to play a role in this process, and help the parties find a workable solution. Thank you to Lula Mayor Milton Turner and City Manager Dennis Bergin for their leadership and commitment to resolving this issue on behalf of the people of Lula.”

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