America and Obama’s Islamic Faith


Opinion by George McClellan:

Obama’s early February visit to the ISIS Mosque in Baltimore, and the asinine remarks he made in the wake of that visit proclaiming Islam to be a religion of peace, but under attack by Christians, are acts by Obama setting the scene for the coming Marshal Law event he intends to inflict on America before he’s gone, if he can get away with it. Any acts of terrorism attributed to Islam (he cannot deny “allahu akbar) are actually crimes committed by apostates to the faith.

A careful review of the National Defense Authorization Act, as I have repeated many times, contains an unconstitutional provision that authorizes the President of the US or the Secretary of Homeland Security, to designate any person or group they don’t like as “terrorist” and, to save the country, it authorizes the apprehension of those designated groups and to incarcerate them until the emergency is over. In fact, the whole Patriot Act is unconstitutional and needs to be scrapped along with the Political Correctness, and the politicians, who supports it.

Obama’s recent rhetoric, and AG Loretta Lynch’s as well, clearly shows that they mean to identify Constitutionalists, NRA members, Tea Party Patriots, & etc., as Americas worst terrorists and that they are prepared to act immediately to enact those onerous provisions. If they are to succeed they need to disarm us immediately and completely. I can not see that happening without imposition of tax rules requiring firearms registrations on penalty of heavy fines and/or imprisonment, because house to house attempts will result in dead policemen and Americans. By the way, it has not worked in Connecticut or in NYC. Those laws were neutered by noncompliance and no policeman but one, was stupid enough to try confiscation.

I believe that before Obama leaves office he will indeed initiate a massive terrorist attack here, against a mosque in a large city, where hundreds may be killed or injured. That act will confirm his public statements and give him the manufactured excuse he wants to proclaim marshal law. Does anybody not remember the Reichstag Fire in Berlin? I don’t believe Obama has enough people to do it, like Hitler had his SA and SD hoodlums, and should he try, it would be a rash act because the American people are not with him.

We’ve seen glimpses of this program in development in Burns, Oregon, like happened at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada last year. The Bundy seizure was a trial run initiated by the government. The ranchers in Oregon precipitated their own event when the government wasn’t prepared. Both events were glimpses into what’s coming.

We already know the muslim mind. It literally follows the teachings in the Koran. Muslim victimhood is a myth. Muslim mosques are not being attacked, wild-eyed Christians are not running around screaming “Praise Jesus” while bashing in muslim heads. Obama said “we’ve seen children bullied, we’ve seen mosques vandalized” and “It’s not who we are. We’re one American family. And when any part of that family begins to feel separate or second class, it tears at the heart of our nation” One may ask “where did he come up with that nonsense?”

Clearly, Obama’s claims are not supported by FBI statistics and that Islamophobia, as he would have us believe, is completely unfounded. Perhaps it shouldn’t be. Islamophobia should be to America Christians what Political Correctness is to American Communists. A working plan that protects our own collective beliefs from destruction. We simply do not need muslim here in America. They don’t fit, they wont fit and they will kill all who object to their demands. It is written!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (10 Feb 2016)

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