Smoky Mountain Conference Coaches All-Conference Teams Announced – Adams Named POTY

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With the 2023 Smoky Mountain Conference football season wrapped up, the Conference coaches have released their All-Conference and Player of The Year honors. Congratulations to all the teams and their success this season, thanks for letting us be a small part of the journey!


Back of The Year: Cuttler Adams, Sr, Robbinsville


Lineman of The Year: Tyler West, Sr, Andrews & Nse Uffort, Jr, Swain Co.

Tyler West Pregame (Haley’s Photography)


Swain County’s Nse Uffort looks on in the Maroon Devils victory over Murphy.


Coach of The Year: Dee Walsh, Robbinsville


Coach Walsh led Robbinsville to their 27th SMC TItle, the Western Regional Championship game, and a 13-2 overall record.



Landon Greene, Andrews

Dalton Rose, Andrews

Luke Smith, Cherokee

Mato Grant, Cherokee

Lane O’Dell, Hayesville

Tre Graves, Hayesville

Isaac Chandler, Hayesville

Taylor McClure, Hayesville

Michael Mauney, Hayesville

Seth Leek, Hayesville

Taylor McClure in the Jackets season opener vs Towns County.

Brody Orton, Murphy

Hunter Stalcup, Murphy

Will Joyner, Murphy

Camden Breazeale, Murphy

Ryan Payne, Murphy

Kolsen Dooley, Robbinsville

Darion Ledbetter, Robbinsville

Roman Jones, Robbinsville

Donovan Carpenter, Robbinsville

Donovan Carpenter and Bryce Adams embrace in the Western Regional Championship.

Kage Williams, Robbinsville

Quinn Jumper, Robbinsville

Bryce Adams, Robbinsville

Zeke Silvers, Robbinsville

Grady Lewis, Swain Co.

Keyunthae Graham, Swain Co.

Josh Collins, Swain Co.

LeLand LeQuire, Swain Co.

Lucas Sutton, Swain Co.

Josiah Glaspie, Swain Co.


Honorable Mention:

Graham Burch, Andrews

Michael Driver, Cherokee

Elijah Lineberry, Cherokee

Jack Teesateskie, Cherokee

Will Brown, Hayesville

Dawson Devane, Hayesville

Rickey Queen, Murphy

Kaydence Leatherwood, Murphy

Keynon Nichols, Murphy

Aiden Adams, Murphy

Chase Calhoun, Robbinsville

Tanner Hedden, Robbinsville

Dane Webster, Robbinsville

Isiac Collins, Robbinsville

Reece Winchester, Swain Co.

Drew Scaggs , Swain Co.

Skeet Cook, Swain Co.

Nolan Fisher, Swain Co.

FYN Sports Post Season Football Awards and Outstanding Players

Team FYN Sports

Our team here at FYN Sports got together at the end of this years “spring” North Carolina High School football season and voted on our end of year awards. Players were chosen based not just on their stats alone, but also on their contributions to their team that may not show up in the stat book. We have had a blast covering North Carolina football this year, and hope to continue on with some of the relationships we have made in the fall. Thanks to everyone who watched and supported our broadcasts and read our articles. Our sole mission is to highlight and promote student athletes in a positive way, and below we have highlighted the “best of the best” with our post season awards.

Player of The Year: Nathan Collins- Robbinsville

Collins was 24-1 as the starting Quarterback for the Black Knights. He filled up the stat sheet all year, throwing for over 700 yards and 3 touchdowns, while rushing for 683 yards and 10 touchdowns. He led his team to 2 SMC titles, 2 Western Regional Championship appearances and 1 State Championship Title.

Offensive Player of The Year: Kellen Rumfelt- Murphy

Rumfelt was on a mission to prove himself this year, and he did just that. He threw for 1,234 yards and 9 touchdowns while leading his Bulldogs to the NCHSAA 1A State Championship. In that State championship game, Rumfelt threw for over 200 yards and a TD in the first half, helping his team come away with a 14-7 victory.

Defensive Player of The Year: Drew Martin- Andrews

Martin was a key component to helping his Wildcats post their best record since 2011. He led his team in tackles and was the motor of the defense. A historic season for Andrews was jumpstarted by the play of Drew Martin.

Coach of The Year: David Gentry- Murphy

Gentry led his Bulldogs to yet another State Championship ring, the 9th under his reign as Head Coach. Gentry’s coaching record speaks for itself. The Hall of Fame coach and all time North Carolina wins record holder needs no introduction.

“Newcomers” of The Year:

The “Newcomers” of The Year are players who are in their first year on Varsity who are making a splash and contributing to their team significantly already.

Cuttler Adams, Kage Williams, Brock Adams, Carlos Lopez- Robbinsville

Taylor McClure, Asher Brown- Hayesville

Ty Laney, Cole Laney, John Ledford- Murphy

Drew Martin, Isaac Weaver, Donovan Bateman- Andrews

Kaden Trantham- Cherokee

Gabe Lillard, Elijah Watty- Swain


Outstanding Quarterback:

Nathan Collins- Robbinsville

Kellen Rumfelt- Murphy

Outstanding Running Back-

Lex Hooper- Robbinsville

Ray Rathburn- Murphy

Gavin Wilson- Andrews


Outstanding Wide Receiver-

Payton McCracken- Murphy

Tyler Anderson- Hayesville


Outstanding Offensive Lineman-

Yousef Mugharbil- Murphy

Ethan Taylor- Hayesville

Candler Edwards- Robbinsville

Carlos Wesley- Robbinsville

Aaron Dereberry- Andrews

Outstanding Defensive Back-

Payton McCracken- Murphy

Juan Allen- Murphy

Taylor McClure- Hayesville

Cuttler Adams- Robbinsville


Outstanding Linebacker-

Ray Rathburn- Murphy

Landon Jordan- Murphy

Drew Martin- Andrews


Outstanding Defensive Lineman-

Rossi Wachacha- Robbinsville

Carlos Wesley- Robbinsville

Benjamin Wachacha- Robbinsville

Rashad Davis- Murphy

Outstanding Athlete-

Kage Williams- Robbinsville

Blake McClure- Hayesville

Isaac Weaver- Andrews

Don Bradley- Cherokee

Carson Taylor- Swain

Outstanding Kicker- 

Cody Kline- Robbinsville

Annie-Kate Dalton- Murphy



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