Referendum for package stores will appear on November ballot

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HIAWASSEE, Ga – Hiawassee City Council approved an alcohol referendum on the package sale of spirits to appear on the November ballot for city residents.

The measure will read “shall the issuance of licenses for package sale of spirits be approved? Yes or no?”

Previously, the state of Georgia required signatures to be presented before an alcohol referendum could appear on the ballot. However, the General Assembly removed that requirement, and the city council has opted to let citizens vote on the issue.

Hiawassee already has an extensive alcohol ordinance in place which includes provisions for stores, such as it must be a 2,000 square foot building, 300 feet away from a church, and have $300,000 worth of inventory on hand.

If passed in November, the liquor stores could only go inside city limits since this is a city referendum. It doesn’t apply to Towns County unincorporated.

The council unanimously approved placing the referendum on the ballot at their June 1 meeting.

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