Failure In The Midst of Success


Written By George McClellan

Has it escaped everyone”s attention that the RINO “#Never Trumpers,” when expounding their

learned views on social media sites like FaceBook, go out of their way to insult conservative,

pro-Trump supporters as really unimportant to the big picture but do so with condescending joy?
Bill Kristol is the most prominent elitist in the bunch. As the threat of Trumps ascendency in the
2016 election rose and it became increasingly clear Trump could actually take the GOP
nomination, Kristol set about his holy mission to knock the wheels off the Trump bus, disparage
Trump as a bull in a China Shop and warn any Washington DC based journalist who dared write
or say a good word, of the consequences of their heresy. Kristol’s Weekly Standard Review
magazine soon headed for the toilet until it’s now only a memory.

The magazines weakness was that while it gained instant recognition in Gingrich’s revolution, it
remained true to "neoconservative" principles, whatever they were, while unequivocally praising
candidates like John McCain, who the conservative base distrusted. In doing so the Standard
failed to recognize the changing value of politics and change with it. Later, clinging to Romney
didn’t do them any good either. To lose influence when once you were the great Vizir, is to die
the death of a thousand cuts. In a huff of frustration, Kristol angrily turned Democrat.

On his frequent sit down broadcasts interviewing other enlightened neoconservative political
pundents, Kristol’s haughty position assumed that he was always right and that the vast but
silent pool of great unwashed conservative voters were actually near illiterate Neanderthals who
should serve no better purpose than to keep their educated betters in positions of power and
keep that Bull out of the China Shop. It didn’t happen.

Along came Donald “Bull” Trump and readers of the Weekly Review or Standard were realizing
that Donald Trump was a God send despite his human normalcies, and they didn’t care. This
was a political hurricane blowing and it blew Bill Kristol and his magazine into history. It didn’t
help either that the magazines main funder, billionaire Phillip Anschutz, saw his profits drop and
defunded the enterprise. This was a failure in the midst of success.

But, we’re still bedeviled by these, can we call them a cult of Never Trumpers? They always try
to claim the high ground of self-actualized political excellence. But how can one be excellent if
nobody’s listening or reading? Every day, Donald Trump takes the high ground with his tweets
on his Right-hand defending himself and his policies, while stimulating the economy with his
Left-hand git’er done policies. They don’;t see. If they do, they don’t know how to handle him.

They have steeped themselves in the belief, and caution conservative politicians to act in a
Presidential manner, don’t fight back but”turn the other cheek” get along with the Progressives
and sooner or later that party will fail. That didn’t work for George H. W. Bush, it didn’t work for
George W. Bush, and it certainly didn’t take hold with Donald J. Trump.

Advise givers are a dime a dozen. The 2016 election proved that most conclusively and still the
same old neoconservatives are trotted out by the networks at election time to pontificate on
2020. But, not Bill Kristol. Karl Rove is there, Newt Gingrich, who saw in Trump what he had
been fighting for for decades was able to sweep away concerns about Trump not being
presidential when Trump was being successful. The punditry Class are the real Neanderthals in
today’s fast changing politics in a faster changing Washington DC. The Swamp is being drained!
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

How Broken is the Two Party System?


Written by George McClellan

America’s two party system is inarguably in a state of chaos because the party’s no longer compete on
the common ground of the Constitution. The Democrat Party has successfully absorbed the theories of
Karl Marx nearly fifty years ago, while the Republican party is, well, we can’t really be sure what it is
because while they’re supposed to be the voice of America’s conservative, constitutional government,
they have become caricatures of the Democrats, grubbing for power but not knowing how to use it.

The fantod Democrats, now totally socialist and dedicated to multiculturalism, diversity and free stuff for
all, warbles out their siren call for citizens to embrace their brand of socialism that preaches the people
would be happier if they would simply surrendered themselves to the enlightened leadership of their
intellectual betters who would provide for their happiness in all things. Many Americans who have
succumbed to that call have now come to believe they are entitled to democrat government support to
relieve them from all their debts and daily burdens.

History has shown this philosophy has failed every time it has been tried. Why? Because the leadership
does’t really believe in the Marx philosophy at all, but see it as the vehicle for their self empowerment.
Like Russia’s Stalin, they’ll actually become gangster chieftains, not enlightened political leaders whose
intent is to do what’s best for the people. When their programs collapse, as they will due to incompetence,
corruption and greed, their system must turn to totalitarian police tactics to preserve it.

We have already seen this applied right here in America when Special Counsel Mueller’s daring early
morning raid by an armed and armored FBI SWAT team to arrest elderly Roger Stone, a Trump adviser.
What’s it about? It’s the Democrats deranged attempt to remove the duly elected President because their
candidate lost. Their attacks focuses on the presidents staff, family and associates. That’s totalitarism and
it’s happening right here and right now for all to see. Rule of Law Americans should be very alarmed.

If the Democrats seem to be getting their way all the time, then who’s on our side pushing back? Trump of
course and a select few GOP congressmen and senators. Certainly not the Republican Party. Many of
this lot who made tax saving promises to get elected, have fallen victim to the siren call of deep states
elitism; encouraged to surrendered their honor and integrity to the subtle promise of enjoying the fruits of
the Industrial-Government complex and grow wealthy doing so, to get their little bag of silver so to speak.
Trump's not a Republican so he’s not beholding to & ’em.

Trump marches to his own drummer and is far ahead of the field. The GOP Leadership, watching Trumps destruction of their decorum, form and order as he leads the pack forward, said to themselves “There they go, we must hurry and catch up for we are their leaders”. Not really. Trump is their leader and this lot had better get on his bus.

Trump sees the Democrats as exactly what they advertise themselves to be, enemies of a Constitutional,
rule of law America. If the DoJ and FBI are still infested by Democrat deep state denizens of deranged
doggerel, then the quick resignations of four Hillary touting lawyers involved in the Roger Stone
persecution, signals that a purge has probably started. The media controversy over the AG Barr vs.
Trump tweets, can only be a diversion to disarm the deranged Democrat House and Senate leadership as
they embark yet again on their next anti-Trump paroxysm of self-serving hypocrisy.

Trump and Barr are committed to making America great again. This includes doing what’s necessary to
rid the Justice Department and the FBI, of its deep state saboteurs, implants left over from Obama’s
administration responsible for the past three years of Trump Derangement Syndrome that has roiled our
two party political system almost into extinction. Also, Andrew McCabe is not out of the woods ”
What will come out of it? Certainly not Attorney General Barr” resignation, that’s for sure. A two party
system will remain but not necessarily as Democrat and Republicans. It’s up to the grass roots and the
Tea Party activists to force the changes, not politicians. The Left will always be able to field their black
hooded antifa’s. Who do we have? Hopefully not the skinheads and Nazi wannabe. That wouldn’t do!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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