Congressman Ferguson endorses Doug Collins for Senate

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WEST POINT, GA – Congressman Drew Ferguson (R-GA) today became the first member of Georgia’s congressional delegation to endorse a candidate in the race to fill the seat formerly held by Senator Johnny Isakson.

Ferguson, who represents Georgia’s 3rd Congressional district, also serves as Chief Deputy Whip on the House GOP leadership team.

In a statement, Ferguson said:

“When Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and their crazy entourage went after the President, we didn’t have to wonder where Doug Collins stood.  He was on the front lines as the President’s number one defender in the entire country. He did the President and the country a great service and his arguments carried the day.

We knew with absolute certainty where Doug stood from day one and we know with the same certainty where he will stand in the future.  That certainty is critical in these challenging times.

Doug is a proven leader — a steady hand in tough times.  He knows what it takes to lead. Right now, we have lives and businesses and an economy to save and we don’t need anything to take our focus off of that mission.

Georgia Republicans need to unify behind Doug and leave the distractions and uncertainty of other candidates in the rearview mirror.

Doug Collins is my friend and he’s done a great job for Georgia in Congress. He will be an outstanding Senator and he has my full support in his campaign.”

“It means more to me than I can express that Drew is standing by my side in this campaign,” Collins said.  “He is an indispensable leader in the fight for the President’s agenda, a tireless champion for his district and a very good friend.  I am honored and humbled by his support.  Drew’s rapid rise to a leadership position came due to his smarts, hard work and ability to serve as an honest broker between all the disparate views held in the House Chamber.  I will lean on his wisdom during this campaign as I do in Washington.”

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