Group project brings spirit store to Gilmer High

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spirit store
spirit store

Photo by Susan Kirkland
Natlie West, a senior, designed the shirt she is wearing and it became a best seller in the students efforts to open the store.

When students think of group projects, a spirit store isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Usually, it’s a mix of deciding who does which part of the PowerPoint slides, who handles research, who presents the information and a fear that no one else will pull their weight, leaving one or two to handle all the work.

However, for Gilmer High School juniors and seniors, their group project was a joint effort to create the The Bobcat Store.  Sure, there was still the business plan, researching the best way to handle inventory, sales, and marketing, but they pulled together.

“They researched merchandise and vendors and designed it,” said Josh Snider, the business teacher who guided them through the project. The result is a spirit store, located in the library featuring t-shirts, water bottles, spirit beads, socks, pens, pencils, and notebooks and the grand-opening was held today.

In addition to setting up the spirit store, students are responsible for making sales at other schools. To accomplish this, they divided up the schools and started calling and now have satellite sales in some of the other schools. For example, Mountain View Elementary let them set out items in the teacher workroom.


He also said that the students, who are all third year business students, handle the paperwork, take inventory themselves and running the

spirit store

These hot drink carriers are one of many items offered in the Bobcats Store.

spirit store.

“They are learning it’s more than just opening a store, they are learning how to build the business,” he said. “They are also learning that there are business owners and employees and how neither is wrong, there are positives and negatives to each way.”

Natlie West, a senior, designed the girls crew neck sweatshirt that has become an instant hit.

“It’s been our biggest profit maker,” said Ayden Fountain, one of the students involved.

They have a few goals in mind, including how to give back to the community, said Snider.

The students would also like to get some of the career and technical education classes involved by making items to sell in the store.

However, growth will take time.

The one at GHS will open two days a week starting out, during lunches.

“We’re starting slow,” Snider said.

Students in featured image: Kadie Weaver, junior; Angie Davis, senior; Jaylyn Davis, junior; McKenzie Fink, junior; Edgar Parez, junior; Jaidyn Harris, senior; Blair Gibbs, junior; Carson Purvis, junior; Ayden Fountain, junior; Natlie West, senior; and Josh Snider, business tender.

Gilmer High School cancels prom in face of resurgent Coronavirus

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ELLIJAY, Ga. – Gilmer County is still finding new information from news of exposures in the Courthouse and offices shutting down, but now, Gilmer High School is responding to the general resurgance of the Coronavirus in Georgia as they officially announce cancelling this year’s prom.

Originally cancelled during the school year as responses and shutdowns were widespread in the spring and the schools were closed, opting for “distance learning” alternatives, the prom was rescheduled in April as Superintendent Dr. Shanna Downs announced in a meeting that they would be attempting to hold prom in July to make up for the cancellation.

That date was set for this Friday, July 10, 2020.

Today, the high school released a statement on social media stating that they would be cancelling the make-up day as well. They stated, “We have been in constant communication with local authorities regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and after much discussion and deliberation, we have decided to cancel prom this Friday, July 10. This decision was made with a great amount of information pertaining to potential and confirmed cases in Gilmer County. The cases are on a continual rise due to recent events within the county, and our first, and utmost, concern is, and will always be, the safety of our students and staff.”

In response to being forced to cancel the event, the high school is offering refunds through a linked form that parents and students can use for the school.

The school asks for patience moving forward.

They also commented saying a final decision has not been made at this time regarding graduation. However, they did affirm that a decision would be made in the coming days.

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