Senator David Perdue: “We Need A Sense Of Urgency Like Never Before”

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Senator David Perdue: “We Need A Sense Of Urgency Like Never Before”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) spoke on the Senate floor about President Trump’s tax framework and why we must change the tax code this year.

Delivering For American Workers: “I’ve lived around the world. I’ve run businesses. I started my career working on an hourly wage in construction. I understand that America, and I can say this with authority, has some of the best workers anywhere in the world and in the history of the world. On the back of that, we have innovation, capital formation, and the rule of law. That’s what has created this economic miracle over the last 70 years, but we’ve taken it for granted.”

Leveling The Playing Field: “Today we absolutely have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. We’re one of the last major OECD countries to actually still have a tax on repatriated earnings.”

Protecting American Jobs: “If our corporate rate today was just 20 percent, over 4,700 companies that have been purchased over the last 12 years would still be in the United States. I think that is tantamount to a marching order for us here in the Senate to make this change.”

Can’t Wait Any Longer: “Nearly every CEO surveyed by the Business Roundtable said that delays on tax would damage our economy.”

No Washington Excuses: “We can’t get bogged down in the scoring and financial modeling that is only done this way in Washington. People back home don’t run their small businesses this way. They don’t run big businesses this way, and they sure don’t run their personal finances this way.”

Only Score That Matters: “We can’t get wrapped up in the bad numbers and bad timing coming from the Congressional Budget Office. The only score that matters to me is GDP growth and the jobs it creates.”

Time To Act Now: “The reason we want this tax code changed is to put people back to work and change lives here in America. The long-term benefit of this gives us more flexibility and more capital with which to solve this debt crisis. Growing the economy alone will not fix this debt crisis and we will not fix the debt crisis unless and until we fix this tax code. We need to have a sense of urgency like never before in order get this done this year.”


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