Why the Release of the Video Tape May be “The Best Thing” That Could Have Happened for Donald Trump!


Opinion by Steve Fallin:

The “whistle” has been blown and someone has let us see and hear for certain the ugly and disgusting things we already “KNEW” about Donald Trump, his past, and the “wild oats” life he has sown! He has been NO CHOIR BOY, has had a ruthless “take no prisoners” approach to his battles, has been a misogynist playboy much of his life, and wasn’t a supporter of Republican let alone “Conservative” or “Christian” views until this very late season in his life.

And NOW that he has been so thoroughly exposed, ……….. I think we all need to step back and consider a few takeaways that might otherwise be missed:

First, this episode may very well turn out to be the BEST thing that could have happened to Donald Trump. How so? Well, it’s simply that just because WE already KNEW all those things about Donald Trump doesn’t mean that “HE” knew it about himself …….. at least NOT the way he KNOWS it now.

The very FACT that Americans ARE so openly critical of our Candidates and Leaders is at the core of who we are! The FREEDOM to be critical of our Candidates and their Character is an important part of our Political Process. This is Freedom of Speech at its best and part of a national dialogue that is necessary for the Nation that our forefathers envisioned to continue to work.

It IS the very Avalanche of disapproval and the feeling of being socially shunned that every man needs at moments like this. It is the beginning of our acceptance of “Accountability,” something that Donald Trump badly needs. This is the lesson learned that “my behavior has CONSEQUENCES” that so often offers a man the opportunity to CHANGE.

The OTHER takeaway? Well, it’s just so important to remember that the bitter disagreements, the accusations of “Racism” and all the other “ISMS” and “SCHISMS” that are being tossed around have to be taken as part of the PROCESS as well.

Again, the United States of America was founded in the wisdom that our FREEDOM TO DISAGREE, yes, even our FREEDOM to insult and offend one another with our speech is indeed a freedom worth fighting for. It’s all worth it because it helps us sort things out. And it’s so important to remember that, more than anything else, we must be free to speak our minds to one another because that is what holds “ME” accountable as well.

As a FREE PEOPLE we must remain free to have a NATIONAL DIALOGUE about tough issues even when it’s NOT pretty. We must respect the purpose of the process even when the WARRIORS we choose to represent us are such flawed vessels and embarrass not only we ourselves, but the very views we hold dear.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do need to be held accountable for their character flaws, and, believe me, just trying to survive the American political process has to be absolutely “BRUTAL” on their very Psyche! The pressure to BE better and to DO better must be enormous. But, inasmuch as these candidates also serve as a major REFLECTION of the Heart and Condition of AMERICA, Herself, we dare not point the finger too hard at the mere exposure of two individuals.

Because, you see, the problem IS that Donald Trump IS us and Hillary Clinton IS us and the ACCOUNTABILITY for honesty about ourselves is also upon US. And, in the end, no matter who wins the election in November, the ONE THING we CANNOT afford to do is waste this National Conversation about what America SHOULD BE in order to be better!

Let us DEBATE, let us FIGHT for our views, and let us fling back the curtain and SHINE IN THE LIGHT on all our unseemly ways and dirty little secrets, BUT, …. above all else, LET US BE CERTAIN that, in the end, we somehow come out the BETTER for it!


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