Who Is Obama?


Opinion by George McClellan:

Philosophers, even as far back as Aristotle and probably earlier, have tried to explain the difference between man and God in logical, understandable terms. It hasn’t been done, but scripture does tell us man is made in God’s image. But man, looking around him see’s that that could not possibly be so because of the many imperfections man possesses. Maybe man could do it better! That has opened a can of worms to haunt us forever. The operative word that encompasses the whole concept of religion, is “faith.” Either one has it or one does not!

America’s founding documents acknowledge, indeed trumpet the reality of divine providence by actually crediting God with providing the gifts of life, liberty, freedom and etc. Philosophically speaking, our founding fathers credit God with gifting America with the divine providence that America has enjoyed for over two centuries. Religious scholars argue that it’s in man’s providence to lose God’s favor, by choice, as the last forty years have seemed to prove.

In Religion, as in politics, people are fractured into separate groups as disparate churches, each staking a position of having “true belief” through direct communication with God. If they claim so, who can deny it? But, In the book of James, anyone with faith is given that ability. If that’s true, then why do we have organized religion? Well, follow the money!

Political philosophers, like Marx, Engels and Lenin, threw out God as the “Opiate of the people.” Later, Marxist apostles like, Saul Alinsky, Barak Obama, et. al., view mankind’s progress through the eyes of the true anthropogenic, one who considers man to be the most significant entity in the Universe. When applied, these philosophical theories have morphed into unworkable schemes called fascism, communism and socialism. All deny any association with God, except as a tool to be used to corral the masses they consider to be mere sheep.

But, Obama takes it a step further. He is a real narcissist. He believes he alone is the one most significant entity in the universe. Once, mental institutions were filled with like minded people who firmly believed they were the reincarnations of Napoleon or Genghis Khan. Many such people occupy the seats of power in their own spheres holding the reins of government in their grubby hands, dragging their followers with them, to ultimate misery.

That suggests the obvious next question: Was Obama made in God’s image? By our own experience we know he is not God. He’s too inept. That’s an issue that may be argued among the intellectual class for decades. Obama, by word, action and deed has shown he was either a Christian, a Muslim and probably even a hottentot if he’d thought of it, but the evidence of our own eyes indicates, apart from being a fool, that he assiduously worships at the alter of golf.

Fortunately, Obama has never claimed he was the reincarnation of Mohammad. The Jihadists would soon have his head mounted on a stick as a blasphemer. He’s never claimed to be God either because he simply does not believe there really is a God for him to emulate. He would have us believe that he alone is solely the one superior intellect who has risen up from out of the primordial slime that is humanity, to gift the universe with the brilliance of his wisdom.

We are now realizing, I think, that wisdom is the by-product of hands-on work and experience, talents Obama did not bring with him to office. He was a community organizer and created nothing by his own hands. That his ignominious term is coming to an end can’t be soon enough.

I trust we realize the mistake we made, as God fearing people, and do not repeat it.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (30 Dec 2016)

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