We Will Have a New President in 2017


Opinion by John Tutten:

The start of a new year always brings hope and optimism for better times ahead.  And conservatives should be especially excited for better things unfolding this year.  While we get a chance to make a fresh start on many aspects of our personal lives, this year we will elect a new president and Obama will not be on the ballot.  He just gave his last State of the Marxist Union speech.  The euphoria overwhelms me!

Not only is Obama slated to be gone by this time next year, the possibility of electing a real conservative to the White House has never been greater since 1980.  Don’t let the mainstream media and the incessant, slanted poling temper your enthusiasm for conservative chances in November.  The electorate is more engaged than it has been in decades and is hungry for an outsider to drain the swamp in Washington.  The Rove bunch will not be able to sleaze their way into a nomination this year.

And the Democrats are so bad that I swear I hear the “Benny Hill” theme music playing at their debates.  I can’t keep a straight face looking at what’s up on stage.  That Debbie Wasserman Shultz sure is a genius!  Come on conservatives, do you really think we can lose this time?

The fact that Hillary’s lead over the paleozoic Bernie Sanders is evaporating is astounding.  She is rapidly losing ground to a candidate that openly declares his allegiance to socialism.  And what is Hillary’s strategy?  She decides to go more left!  Talk about tone deaf.  Even her rapidly fossilizing husband is not going to be able to help her.  Times have changed and much of today’s electorate finds Bill Clinton tawdry and gross.

If Hillary is able to hold on and get on a path to secure the nomination, she will certainly be indicted for her self-enriching shenanigans while Secretary of State.  There’s no way Obama is going to allow his legacy to be left in the Clinton hands and the evidence of multiple felonies will easily justify her indictment.  The Democrats will then be in disarray going into the convention and who knows at that point what happens.

Even if the Democrats had a credible candidate, look at the world landscape today that they own.  Our foreign policy is in shambles.  The Middle East has descended into a seething caldron with nuclear weapons soon to be part of the mix.  We’ve abandoned long term allies and have encouraged and aided bloodthirsty jihadis who have now become uncontrollable.

We have allowed Russia to gain dangerous new footholds in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.  At every turn, we have backed away and chosen to “lead from behind” since we are the bad guys in the world.  Yeah, we may be bad guys but we are the best bad guys.

Take a look at our economy.  We are closing in on nineteen trillion dollars in debt.  What do we have to show for it?  The real unemployment rate is in excess of ten percent not the five percent our deceiver-in-chief crowed about Tuesday night.  We have fifteen million more people on food stamps than when this administration started.  Median income is significantly below the level it was at in 2009.   The only jobs being created are part time, minimum wage jobs.  High paying professional job growth is nowhere.

On top of this, throw in gay marriage, open borders, Obamacare and you see what the independents are looking at.  The Democrats have totally overplayed their hand the last eight years and the independents are going to make them pay for it.

Obama knows this.  He knows the Democrats have no chance and his precious legacy is going to fall to a conservative who will unravel everything it rests on.  Given his malignant narcissism, he may decide to take unprecedented action.  What action might that be?  In Obama’s mind, who would be best to carry on his legacy?  Barack Obama, of course.

Think this can’t happen?  On March 16, 2012, Obama signed “The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order”.  In times of national emergency, this order gives the president practically unlimited power over we the people and our property.  And the president essentially decides what constitutes a national emergency.

The White House stated that the purpose of the executive order is to delegate authority and address national defense resource policies and programs under the Defense Production Act of 1950.  Sounds reasonable enough, but there are very astute analysts that believe this gives the president unilateral authority to declare a national emergency, suspend elections, and seize control of every aspect of our society.

A national emergency today is not that hard to envision.  Some sort of massive, multi-site terrorist attack or a deadly virus released from a defense lab by “accident” could justify it.  A massive “natural disaster” could provide the premise for the president taking such action.

Don’t you wonder why so many federal agencies have armed up under this administration?  Why did the EPA, the FDA, and the National Weather Service spend millions of our dollars on ammo and body armor?  I see no justification for agencies like these to have law enforcement capabilities.

Understand that I’m not saying this is going to happen but you can’t argue that it isn’t possible.  That in and of itself tempers my optimism for a house cleaning in Washington.

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