Opinion by George McClellan:

Picture this: a brash, loud mouthed New Yorker goes to Alabama and 35,000 cheering people show up to hear him speak. He goes to North Carolina and as many thousands rally to his words. Everywhere he goes, thousands rally to hear him. That New Yorker is Donald Trump. His constant, unchanging message is: America first, build a wall, deport all illegals, stop the flow of Islam into our country until we can figure this thing out and close down the Muslim training camps scattered throughout America. I thinks that’s unifying. I think because of Trump, Americans are now becoming more unified then since WWII. Obama certainly hasn’t unified us.

No other candidate has matched Trumps ideas about making America Great Again, an appeal that a majority of Americans who, by the very fact of their attendance in their thousands at his rallies, clearly suggests that he has found the common theme under which Americans will unite, and that he knows what Americans, other than Hillary and that crowd, need, want and expect. Americans are uniting behind his message. It didn’t have to be Trump. It could’ve been Cruz.

Our country is in a dismal mess and it’s the politicians who brought us here.The Republican Party is revealed as a gutless, frightened group of careerists, refusing to stand by Republican principles, Ted Cruz, & Mike Lee excepted. We are overrun by illegal aliens and we want it stopped. We are threatened by Jihadists and we want it stopped. We send our work abroad and we want that stopped too. If Trump is crude, so what, he tells it like it is. We know that as a businessman in New York, he must often grease the palms of politicians (think Senator Hillary Clinton) to get things done and, we really don’t care that he readjusts his positions, argues with idiots, or suffers fools like the media commentators thrown at him.

Trump fights and that’s what we care about. He doesn’t deviate from his main message to make America great again and we know that if he has the skills to run a very large business successfully, he can damn sure run our country, successfully. Our country has been sorely weakened by Obama and Progressivism. It’s nearing bankruptcy; we are politically impotent in our foreign policy (we don’t have any); our enemies ridicule us, our friends fear us for our lack of commitment, and we are doing nothing to stem the invasion by Islam, indeed encouraging it by actively importing Jihadists into our country as legal emigrants. Americans are uniting!

We have become a nation of victims where nearly every nonwhite skinned individual belongs to a special interest victim group demanding rights and privileges we don’t even recognize. Trump is the only guy who seems to understand that for America to be great again, all citizens must contribute by their labor; he knows that government doesn’t create jobs, only inhibits it and spends taxpayer money unwisely, fills its own worker ranks with many incompetents who can’t be fired, and blatantly disses and dishonors our country’s veterans.

America won’t ever be great again so long as we continue to fearfully cling to a government that encourages dependence, demands we recognize multiculturalism and accept sexual deviancy, promotes divisions by wealth, race and alleged privileged status while redistribution (stealing) one groups earnings to give to another. When such practices are cheered and applauded as America’s new Progressive way for an American utopia, then somebody like Trump is desperately needed. Americans will unify under a fighter. Trump’s a fighter!

The free speech exercise we now see going on by the illegal hoards in California, in their anti-Trump protests, is evidence enough we have gone too far. Time for America to unify.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (29 April 2016)

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