There is Panic in the Ranks


Opinion by George McClellan:

Reading the supposed unbiased post Iowa poll results declaring Marco Rubio to be the best choice as our Republican candidate because he’s the only Republican who can defeat Hillary in the General Election, smacks of hostile resentment and a deep seated fear lurking within the GOP establishment that things just might not go their way. This is troubling news indeed and suggests some form of chicanery may be afoot. We’ll know for sure if Jeb Bush actually becomes our candidate.

Haven’t we heard this story from them before: “Only McCain can beat Obama” and, “only Romney can beat Obama?” A full court press is underway by the media, in league with the GOP north-eastern establishment Republicans, to make sure they choose, if it’s not to be Hillary, our (their) candidate for us so they can continue business as usual.

Poor ol’ Jeb Bush. He’s so far back in the running they need a spot light to tell if he’s still really there at all. Things for him are so bad they drug out his brother and even trotted out his sainted ol’ mother, Barbara Bush, to tout for him like betting on a racehorse.

The fact is, anybody can beat Hillary! Just consider what that aging old socialist dingbat, Bernie Sanders, is doing to her. She has no record of accomplishment to defend, she has to guardedly explain why she’s keeping one step ahead of the FBI, possibly going to prison soon, and then concocts such obvious lies that there is a growing deep despair within the democrat ranks.

Hillary is shameless and without character. She even tries to include Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice as co-conspirators by claiming they did the same thing when they occupied that office, i.e.: “everybody does it!” (use private email server) I don’t think so!

The Dems. even drug out their first woman Sec. State, Madeleine Albright who said there is a ‘special place in Hell for women who don’t support women,’’ meaning Hillary. So, support Carley Fiorina instead. The Democrats are in panic folks. Any candidate running against her will win.

To further signal their growing panic, newspaper magnate Rupert Murdock suggested, perhaps tongue in cheek, that John, the Vietnam Vet, Kerry, should be ready to stand in for his second smack down. And, don’t let’s forget that Uncle Joe Biden lurks in the wings ready to spring to the rescue as his last chance. I wonder where he keeps his mask, costume and cape?

Having said that, conservatives still have a serious problem with how to deal with our ineffective, do nothing Republican politicians, those that don’t keep their promises and vote to fund every program Obama demanded without a whimper in the Omnibus Spending bill. Sad, very sad.

Watching the New Hampshire GOP debate changed little for me. It’s a shame that Chris Christi is one of those eastern establishment company men types. He all but chewed up Marco Rubio tonight and spit him out. He’s great fun. Trump is Trump and his answer to the question, “how does he define a conservative” could have been easily answered if he said “hey, I’m a capitalist, a wealth creating businessman.” the best conservative by definition there is!  And gentle Ben, who does have answers, simply gets forgotten in the heat of rhetorical debate. I know that John Kasich is governor of Ohio, that he balanced budgets, made things grow and still loves little children, but he’s still annoying. Ted Crus continues to be a spot on debater and my only big question is: Where was Carley?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (6 Feb 2016)

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