Then, Along Came Trump


Opinion written by George McClellan:

One can’t be too sure if Obama’s current round of main stream media interviews, praising himself and his eight years of administrative failures, is an exercise in ego exigency or a victory lap that only his warped mind could envision. One suspects the latter. Then, along came Trump.

The miasma of political corruption that accompanied Obama into office and has lingered over the swamp that is Washington DC, or more correctly, the creatures that have populated Washington DC for the past eight years, is quickly being blown away by the winds of populism.

We all know exactly what’s happening. The swamp is being drained. The Left hasn’t grasped that yet. They still threaten, beg, plea and pretend that they still matter and must be heard.

Obama, indeed the entire Progressive Liberal agenda, including the weak, go along to get along Republicans, have been choking America for decades with unAmerican ideas, philosophies, rules and regulations that nobody really wants. The Socialist programs of top down government control has turned a great many young Americans into sheep to be sheared when needed. Then, along came Trump. The shearing will stop and a new era of reeducation will commence.

The shock waves of Brexit, followed by Trumps victory over the standard bearer of all things socialist, Hillary Clinton, is still reverberating throughout the western world.  Teressa May just announced a British hard exit from the EU, mellowing her vision with faint words of praise about still being a European country but becoming an important part of the larger world. Did she signal an end to elitism? Maybe Brits are tired of Brussels telling them how to make beer!

Our focus however, is current. We hear blowhards like Georgia Rep. John Lewis, declaring Trump’s election as illegitimate. How does he know being one of the sheep that the left has periodically sheared? He is still consequential to them because its important for the left to have dim witted fellow travelers in the ranks proclaiming the lefts mantra, especially black ones. That Lewis, and a bunch of other Democrats will not attend Trump’s inauguration is absolutely a non story because nobody really cares anymore. They lost. They should get over it. They won’t!

Are we alarmed that the Hollywood entertainment elites are telling America that they won’t perform at Trump’s inauguration? No, we are not! Why?  Because they weren’t invited. Trump will attend three inauguration Balls, not fourteen. His speech will be short, succinct and to the point, and his parade, short as well, then he’ll get down to the business of draining that swamp.

Has anyone noticed that the old Republican functionaries, many long ensconced in the Republican ranks of operation of government agencies, haven’t been invited to return to their old posts and form the foundation of Trump’s presidency? No! We hear the term “Blacklist” being bandied around. That’s exactly true because along came Trump.

All those lower level functionaries that Trump is not considering to fill those 4000 bureaucratic jobs that government requires, are creatures of the swamp. How do we know? Because they signed the “#Never Trump” letter, forever eliminating themselves from any future consideration for a meaningful position in a populist, Constitutional government.

Trump will be there for eight years. The left’s message of dependency will no longer rally the sheep and America will resume its rightful role as the worlds leader. Get over it. Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s go get ‘em! (18 Jan 2017)

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