The Party of Hate


The Party of Hate
Make no mistake, I explicitly refer to the Democrat Party as haters incarnate. They hate America, they hate everybody who doesn’t agree with them, they hate Donald Trump, they hate individual economic success and they even hate themselves. Worse, they hate God because their socialist political philosophy denies his existence as it must, if they are going to be cheerleaders for infanticide. Without God they can deny accountability for violating their oaths of office when it serves them to do so. Most certainly, to remove the very mention of God from America’s founding documents, civil processes and oath takings makes it easy for them to hate. They have abandoned any moral base upon which they can accuse others.

The Democrat party long ago started denying our Constitutional safeguards as impediments to their goals of multiculturalism, diversity and economic equality. Within their ranks lies the foot soldiers of Marxism, the social justice warriors (SJW’s) who believe in the righteousness of their cause to neuter America and make it only an equal in the grand scheme of the new world order. To those that object, their hatred is spewed out to engulf and drown out all dissenters.

Social justice warriors are in fact, unjust. Civil rights activists are uncivil, the black Americans, being subjected to Democrat racism for years are now the biggest racists in the colleges and universities from which very few even graduate. Once bastions of free speech, colleges and universities are afraid of hosting Conservative speakers because SJW’s use ”Twitter” to create a false impression of organized outrage. So, they capitulate to evil. Public schools that once taught math, science, social studies and the Constitution are now centers of Marxist indoctrination, laboratories for the promotion of sexual deviance and centers for “snowflake” protections where self-reliance is belittled in favor of ruinous policies of multiculturalism, collectivism and diversity.

Fly-over America, the land of the “deplorable’s” that Hillary so despises, appears disorganized in the face of propaganda assaults mounted by the leftist media. But, I sense that some more aggressive, no nonsense, constitution loving cadres of pro-American attorneys, are preparing to go head to head with the SJW’s and leftist colleges in courts of law, like the lawyer representing the Covington Catholic School boy’s is doing. That’s a suit that needs to be won. It will set a new standard of Conservative aggressiveness that could end this socialist BS infecting our nation.

The Democrat Party and the Leftists minions that fill its ranks, are stealing our country. I want it back! I love Capitalism and the rewards it brings to the energetic individual willing to expend the time and energy to help make America great again. I want my politicians, and I don’t mean the GOP as we now know it, to return to us our liberty loving capitalistic system the leftists have been stealing from us for far too long.

The Democrats, now exposed as wanton baby killers, thieves and voter fraud specialists, call Republicans liars but ignore their own rich history of lying. Apart from Obama’s lies, remember when Democrats promised Ronald Reagan if he would give three million illegal Mexican invaders amnesty they would secure the border once and for all? When Democrats took control of both houses, Republicans turned RiNO’s to help maintain open borders for George Soros’ New World Order scheme to neuter America. 95% of all anti-American demonstrations are Soros funded. Under Democrats, this country’s government is rotten to the core, and it’s doubtful we will easily recover, if ever. The President is fighting it off as best he can, but he truly needs our help now. It’s up to those of us who really love America to help him succeed because, “Personal sacrifice is the price of freedom.”


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