The Corruption of Power


The Corruption of Power
As things are proving out, it would appear that no matter what the Democrats do in Congress, it’s wrong. Of course, their sole aim is to destroy Donald Trump and get him out of office by hook or crook no matter the consequences to their own existence or the damage to our Republic because, once they achieve their goal of Trump’s removal, they have no intention of ever losing an election again, just like the Chinese. Their dementia on the subject is startling.

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, reveals herself as a certified dingbat. She has been driven to the wall by AOC and the other unhinged super socialist in her caucus demanding things they are not entitled to and will never get. Daily, AOC demonstrates her complete ignorance of American politics or how government works, to the point that poor Nancy is nearly bereft of any control over the rabble that is the 115th Congress. I include many Republicans in that description.

Thankfully, the Leftist Media provides AOC a public platform wherein she can prove to the world and Americans that she too is a certifiable dingbat. They are driving to obsession by their hatred of Donald Trump and the thought that he defeated Hillary Clinton. They do not accept loses to their agenda and will lie, cheat and steal to keep power.

No emergency at the Border, no concern about Iran’s posturing, North Korea’s missiles or Chinese spying, can move them to do the job they were elected to do, run the government. But, where is the Republican voice? I only hear Senator Lindsay Graham and Rep. Jordan defending Donald Trump while Mitt Romney tears him down. We have a crisis in Government and it is the rot that is the deep state, i.e.: the government itself. People are losing trust in our government and its bureaucratic institutions.

Long ago, Congress delegated the creation of the regulatory state to unelected bureaucrats and empowered them with the authority, to act on the Congress’s behalf, to set rules, make laws and harass tax payers. Congress abandoned its Constitutional duties, with the aim to gain and hold power over the people while enriching themselves.

Before the crashing arrival of Donald Trump, it was okay if a Republican won the presidency once in a while because he would be one of them. The showy glamor of political campaigns of us vs. them, promises made but never kept, was a fraud of the first order. But, the political crowd, the elites, were all content with the status quo so long as he towed the line of the financiers, world banks and the secret bureaucratic government entrenched in the corrupted fabric of our political endeavors.

Government became the vehicle for political enrichment especially for those who never ran a business, built a house, fixed a car or pushed dirt. Even now, the Congress, under Pelosi, expects to enjoy a pay raise of nearly $5000. per annum, when they accomplish nothing themselves, having delegated their responsibility to the swamp dwelling bureaucrats.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is in full flower. It will not stop until 2020. Deranged House Speaker Pelosi, in her attempt to stay relevant has abandoned her once viable impeachment plan when Mueller failed to deliver, moving simply to “Lock him up,” like anybody out here gives a damn any more. As I have often said before, their MO is: “admit nothing, deny everything and blame somebody else. The Democrat party is near collapse. Let’s help them get there.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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