SOTU 2018 – The Future or Doom and Gloom?


SOTU 2018 – The Future or Dmoom and Gloom?

The SOTU is an orchestrated spectacle, of circus theater at its best designed to reflect the glory of the winning side. It’s always been like that. Trumps speech as expected, was another success. What was most obvious, to even the most casual observer, was the major differences extant between the two political party’s that vie for control of our country.


Republicans occupied seats on the Presidents left so about 90% of his attention was directed to that quarter, and to the visitors gallery above. When he did address the doom and gloom bunch on his right, it was with a sweep of his arm indicating to them it was okay to rise and applaud. They didn’t, so the President returned his attention to his left side again. They just don’t get it!


When talking to them, it was like conversing with zombies fearing the apocalypse. There was no joy! The Democrats, those who deigned to be there, were arrayed in their finest black funeral attire. Zombie like, they sat on their hands and scowled throughout the whole ordeal. Minority leader Pelosi, in her little black dress and already entering the realm of age related dementia, was most particularly noticeable as she was caught frequently looking over her shoulder to scowl at any member who applauded or stood for any of the Presidents comments.


A part of all SOTU speech’s is to showcase ordinary people whose stories reflect the issues important to the President. For the first time in eight years, those people were heroes, achievers and doer’s reflecting the character that President Trump said was Americanism at its best. There were no societal victims there, no one suffering from repression, racism, white privilege, lack of healthcare or free lunches. The only exception was probably the parents of the two young girls murdered by illegal immigrant MS-13 gang members. The North Korean escapee, with his crutches in hand, sent shivers through my body.


The behavior of the Democrats toward President Trumps first State of the Union speech, while expected, was still despicable. It became clear right there that the Democrats, bereft of any plans of their own, can only obstruct, obfuscate, deny and interfere with everything that most conservatives want to do for America. I believe that 2018 will be another electoral disaster for them because they have nothing to offer the American people except to try to get us “deplorable’s” to hate Trump as much as they do. Yeah, that’s going to work.


Speaking of having no plans, the DNC’s official response, made by a young Joe Kennedy, appeared simply to be an enthusiastic rehash of all the old socialist talking points, lining up all the “victims” of a racist America whose needs are more important to the Democrat party, than is the rule of law or the needs of real Americans.


Democrats were especially grim when the President offered up his immigration talking points. They demand a comprehensive immigration plan that means total amnesty for every illegal immigrant in the country. Trump isn’t going to give it to ‘em and they were left bewildered by the response. President Trump held out his hand of friendship and offered a compromise, on his terms, one that should be suitable to them, but, they bit it.


For Democrats, legitimizing the “Dreamers” is as important to them as the second coming of Christ is to Christians. Trump reminded them that America has its dreamers too. Democrats must come to realize that Americans come first. If they want to be the party of Illegals, then they will stay in the shadows forever. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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