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What is the importance of the “memo” everyone’s talking about and expect to see revealed today? It was important enough for the dysfunctional Left Wing Media to attempt to distract us with a silly story breathlessly claiming Trump Wanted to fire Mueller last July. So what? As Hillary Clinton once famously said, “that’s old news.”


I don’t know what’s in the memo but Rep. Trey Gowdy who does, made enough allusions to its contents that I’m satisfied it’s damaging to Obama, the FBI and the DoJ.

Basically, I’m betting the ”memo” rips open the veneer of the protective apparatus of the “Deep State” revealing the extent of the systemic corruption at the highest levels of the Department of Justice. The “Deep State,” especially Hillary Clintons role in it, could not exist without the complicity of the Department of Justice. No one else could pull it off and to do so requires the corrupting atmosphere of favors, promotions and money, dispensed from the very top. It’s deep waters we are wading in, a ”swamp” in fact.


The House Intelligence Committee voted to make public the contents of ‘the memo,’ after the President reviews it. Trump already knows what’s in it and skillful negotiator that he is, he’ll use the power of that knowledge to his best advantage. In the meantime, the DoJ and FBI went into panic mode after Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intel. Committee, announced he would make it public. The FBI and DoJ claimed that the four page memo shouldn’t be released until they reviewed it first. Why?


The contents of the memo came from the FBI and DoJ so, they already know what’s in it. On top of that, the bureaucracy that is the FBI and DoJ are part of the Administrative branch of government and therefore have no veto power on what the Congress can see or do with the product of their inquiries. It is the responsibility of the Congress to provide “oversight” on what the other two branches of government do. That was wisely written into our Constitution by our forefathers as a checks and balance measure to prevent corruption. It only works when politicians ignore the Constitution and willingly wade into the swamp of corruption.


The fallout was immediate. Andrew McCabe was ousted from his position as the FBI Deputy Director by new FBI Director Wray. Wasn’t it Wray who was alleged to have said he would resign if the President fired McCabe or was that another fake news comment from the liberal media?


Here is the situation. The four page House Intel. FISA Memo is not the document that caused McCabe, and soon many others, to be kicked out of the “Deep State” swamp of the DoJ. It is the conclusions to be found in the forthcoming report of the Dept. of Justice’s Inspector General that’s to be feared. It will be Trumps hammer to hasten the draining of the swamp. Rats will always try to abandon a sinking ship. The DoJ and it’s appendage, the FBI, appears to be a sinking ship. Get out of the way of the rush.


The Republicans, as Eric Holder would have you believe, have not politicized the DoJ and FBI, nor are they destroying them. That was already done by the Clinton’s. The Republicans, and especially Donald Trump, have simply entered the open wound of vast corruption and will wade in with sabers flashing. That’s exactly what the people who voted for Donald Trump wanted and he’s delivering.  


The Nunes Memo is but a brief four page “Cliff Notes” summary of the FBI’s soiled case against Candidate, then President Trumps alleged collusion with the Ruskies.  


In fact, the DoJ’s IG, yielding to pressure from Congress, took up the investigation into the FBI’s decision-making process during the 2016 presidential election. Specifically, the IG was investigating whether former FBI Director James Comey improperly spoke out about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State. Not about Trumps alleged collusion.


In July of 2016, Comey brazenly and publicly announced that the FBI’s investigation into the  Clinton matter was finished, recommending that no charges against her would be considered because she had “no intent” to disregard the law on handling of classified materials, & etc. In effect Comey told us that while she acted irresponsibly, her actions were not criminal….. and, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell.


Ah, but the plot thickened. Just before the General election Comey revealed that the FBI had reopened their case on Clinton’s email’s . This startling announcement after NYPD Detectives, in a pedophile investigation, had found her emails on the lap top belonging to former Rep. Anthony Weiner, then the husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. “Oh, what tangled webs we weave”…


Then, just days before the November election, Comey said that the FBI had uncovered no new information in its new probe on Hillary’s email case and closed it down again. “Oh, the humanity?”


The political Left severely criticized Comey for what he did just before the election. They demanded he be fired by the new President. In May President Trump did fire FBI Director Comey and suddenly, to the Left, Comey was a hero again falsely fired by a rogue President trying to unfairly interfere with the FBI’s Collusion investigation with the Russians. Oh, be still my beating heart.”


The FISA memo will be informative if not shocking. One wonders why we are not really shocked anymore. It’s that IG report that will be the nuclear bomb that opens the DoJ to public scrutiny and may, at last, drain the swamp.


Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!


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