Short Takes – In Self Defense


Let’s face it. Our political system is rotten to the core. The Deep State is revealed as the self-sustaining machinery of bureaucratic enrichment and self survival and anyone who attempts to stop it will be crushed. Who else but himself could possibly sustain the constant banging of the Hammer of Thor the Democrat Schiff-heads are using to try to crush Donald Trump?


I am fearful for my President. For the Progressive Left, It might come to that if he keeps succeeding in making America Great Again despite their efforts to stop him. The ranks of the far Left are filled with the weird and wacky, anyone of them capable of doing him harm. Everyone of ‘em should be “Red Flagged” before they actually get motivated in a crazed frenzy, to act.


The ultra wacky nimrod, Maxine Waters, a long serving US Representative, is becoming certifiable with her screed demanding Trump be cast into Prison, and sicing her minions to disrupt Trump rally’s, meetings and town halls and other awful things, is a case in point. Elijah Cummings is no better. Holding other seats of authority as committee chairmen in the US House of Representatives is the bewildered Gerry Nadler and the shameless prevaricator with Schiff for brains, Adam Schiff, all led by an increasingly despondent House leader who is so flummoxed by the political situation that she has capitulated her authority to the really far left demands of a cabal of brand new congress persons, AOC and her muslim pals.


All are ignorant of their own stupidity but of more concern, all believe they are America’s future and will continue to run for office. Worse, the hinterland has risen the Spector of even more nimrods who believe they should be President. Think Gavin Newsom, the dictator of the Socialist State of California. Does he want to stay in a state overrun by homeless, illegal, drug and disease infected denizens of hobo camps? Hell no, he wants to escape to Washington DC to be President where he can do the most damage.There are others out there, even some ‘Never Trump’ Republicans like Jeff Flake. So, we must beware, they’re coming for us.


How do we stop this dangerous flood of idiots? Do we go into self-defense mode? What does that portend? Show a gun or make a threat, even as a joke and the SWAT squads will be knocking down your door and hauling you off to the clinker. They have guns and will use them. You have a gun and you can’t. What about our self-defense, from them?


Totalitarism does not go quietly into the good night. Like an angry coiled beast it will lie in wait to strike when the sun goes down. It will do everything to save itself but by this time we’re well beyond a Constitutional crisis. It’s only a crisis if the Democrats want it to be otherwise, every thing else is fair game, just so long as they win.


It was once fashionable in the rural American political scene, not to hang politicians for their depredations, but to tar and feather ‘em, place them on a rail and run ‘em out of town. In those days it was very effective and they usually didn’t come back. But this lot will come back again and again so long as they have breath. Their aim, kill the golden goose so all the other geese can live and poop in the same pond. Won’t that be wonderful?


Would that we could return to the days of citizen legislatures where tar & feathers and rails would be a large inducement to seek honesty over bribes, payoffs and quid pro quo. Americans need to act now. Very soon it will be too late!

Remember, freedom is the coal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (13Oct19)

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