Opinion by George McClellan:
Shame is simply not a strong enough word to describe the acute pain most Americans now feel toward Obama and his pipe dreams of a utopian Cuba style government right here in the USA. There cannot be enough words in the English language to properly describe the shame and humiliation our dimwit president brings to our souls by his slobbering, groveling, hand kissing relationship with Communist Cuba and his new found Pal, Raul. I hope they exchange birthday cards.

Cuba’s El Commandante, Raul Castro, (I say Commandante because Cuba is a prison) didn’t even deign to meet our ‘Presidente’ upon his arrival but sent, instead, his pool boy. Shamefully, Obama’s team say they are “jubilant” about the Cuba visit while Cuban dissidents who wanted to see him were hustled off to jail. One wonders from what asylum were these people scraped up? And, just what are they jubilant about, failure?

I cannot even hazard a guess how many years it will take before we can wash the awful taste of this cretan and what he has done to America, out of our mouths.

I predict that before this last year is up Obama will cause more blood to be spilled on our streets and it will all be his doing. As quickly as he can, he is ushering in the forces of evil to do us combat on our streets, impose their rotten Shariah upon us and force us to alter our culture to accommodate there’s, lest they be offended. We cannot offend these people. Oh, can’t we?

Brussels, the capital of the leftist leaning European Union welfare state, was blasted into the shocked realization that the West is in a war they don’t know about after a suicide bomber detonated himself taking thirty-five other people with him at the American Airlines counter in the Brussels International Airport. A few minutes later another bomb was detonated at the airports Metro-station mere feet away from the first bombing site, and a third attack, also on the subway, occurred at the metro station near the EU Government HQ., where even more were killed.

Instantaneously, Belgium was is chaos. Attack sites were christened with body parts, blood, screams and horror while the shrapnel of concourse furniture, luggage, train car parts, all blasted through the air into walls, ceilings and people like a super nova of jihadism.

Now, the EU knows it is at war. The flood of Islamists into western countries is an invasion by the shock troops of Islam, spreading their religion of peace while our boob of a leader cements his legacy doing the “wave” at a Cuban baseball game with El Commandant Castro and uttering pithy phrases of sorrow, while lecturing us that Islamophobia is really the more wicked of the two threats facing us. He condemned the terrorist attack in Brussels while standing under a portrait of the murdering terrorist Che Guevara and spent only a mere 51 seconds commenting on the Islamic attacks in Brussels. Obama made no mention of Islam, Islamic terrorism, Islamic jihad or a thought to the victims of those attacks. He proceeded to direct his attention to a baseball game between American and Cuban teams. He knows his priorities!

A Pox on Obama and the Progressive Party that supports him. A Pox on Hillary and Red Bernie too. These people have brought everlasting shame to America and, sadly, some revel in it because they are products of our Progressive colleges and universities. Bill Clinton said one thing correct in a speech for Hillary when when he reminded attendees that we need to “put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us.” Now that is shame. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (23 March 2016).

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