Self-Destruction, by Proxy


Opinion written by George McClellan:

We are witness to some amazing changes going on about us, not the least of which is the race to total irrelevance by the Democrat Party. We know this because it’s true nature has been revealed in its defeat: it is the hateful and intolerant Liberals who are authoritarian and lawless and represent the true threat to our liberties. It’s not Trump, the Republicans or conservatives.

The presidential campaign of Donald Trump was temerarious and his electoral victory threw the entire political establishment into convoluted paroxysm of rage, despair, spitefulness and hate, doubtless engendering the democrats suicidal pact of self-destruction, not primarily of themselves but of our country as well. Their self-destruction is their business. It cannot be allowed that they take our country with them. The paroxysm continue even to this day.

We cheered the DNC’s leadership meeting in Atlanta knowing full well who we wanted the DNC to select as replacement for Debbie Wassermann Schultz, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Ws), but feared that saner minds could intervene and arrest the process of decay.  Alas, It was Tom Perez, former Secy. of Labor and Obamas choice, who prevailed over the black Muslim Representative from Wisconsin. But, we are informed that Hillary Clinton pushed for him too and some in the mediocre media opined that “the fix was in” for Tom Perez. So, the question now is: who is running the DNC, or who will be, and is the democrat party still as corrupt as always?

Barak Obama with his Organizing for America (OFA), formerly Acorn, is organized and wants to be calling the shots for the Democrat Party, never mind that he single-handedly destroyed the party nation wide. Hillary, who couldn’t muster enough grass roots to get herself elected, apparently thinks she’s still relevant. I see a debilitating fight coming. The solution to their problem does not lie in slavishly embracing a continued role for the Planned Parenthood’s infanticide factory’s or re-empowering unions, as Tom Perez said in his acceptance speech. It lies in reclaiming its lost base with a believable agenda on local levels everywhere.

Apart from that, in its death throes, the Democrat Party has revealed its inner demons and for awhile, they will remain the coastal nuisance party. The feckless former Democrat Senator from Nevada, Harry Reid, gifted the Congress with what he considered a rule that would keep Progressives in power forever, the “nuclear option,” and it’s about to blow up in their faces.

As the nuisance party, it is indeed being a nuisance by hindering the confirmation of Donald Trumps selections for his cabinet. It is time for Majority leader Mitch McConnell to go all out with the “nuclear option,” install Trumps picked professionals and get this country moving again, and right now. He has been given the opportunity to kill the wounded Democrat beast that long ago abandoned any pretense of Americanism. Just do it Mitch, for America. Kill it and git ‘er done!

The destruction process, like a flood across the plain, will sweep away with it many venerable institutions like the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry. Actors and celebrities who think they are possessed of a higher political acumen simply on the basis of their notoriety, still presume to lecture Americans on the nature of Americanism. They have no clue and we know it.

Celluloid privilege, in the wrong hands, is more destructive to the true principles of Americanism today than ever before. During WWII, Hollywood was “all in” in its contribution to the war effort against fascism. Today, they have become the fascists propagandists!  We cannot rest. The fight is just beginning. We must stand and deliver. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (26 Feb 17)


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