Republican Spite


Opinion by George McClellan:

Antediluvian creatures like the aging and sickly Hillary Clinton are taking up the valuable time America needs to start its recovery, if it’s going too, from its eight years flirtation in the dark, pitiless world of marxist politics. Progressivism doesn’t work, has never worked yet it annoyingly hangs around like an unpaid tax bill. In her collapsing campaign Hillary, and the Democrats, are getting downright spiteful as well as nasty.

That doesn’t explain the attitudes of the equally aged politicians, the elite Republican’s, being pushed out by the spectacular campaign of a total outsider, Donald Trump. They are also in the way but they can’t let go.

The old GOP, now corrupt to the core and unable to stem the Trump tide, have decided to ignore him (they can’t) and let him pursue his own campaign, occasionally observing that he “isn’t really one of us.” They put out the negative vibes that ‘the base will soon regret that we didn’t stick with them,’ the safe, old guards of real conservative Republicans, to save the party and preserve their legacy, that they already have lost. They fear the base have fatally decided to grab onto the coat tail of the usurper who, they tell us, will surely lose.

They have all but signaled they would rather see Hillary Clinton as President than the usurper, Trump. This is treacherous reasoning to the base and the elites do not see the tsunami coming that will destroy them. Maybe it’s time to start wearing the ”I’m with her—>” Tee Shirts.

Why is it that Trump alone is the only Republican actively attacking “crooked” Hillary’s record, focusing on her treasonous mishandling of classified materials using unauthorized (Illegal) personal word servers, and her inept ability to govern. Why are those special Republicans, who would have us believe they are true conservatives, not taking the public platform daily themselves excoriating the criminal Clinton machine like Trump does? I think they want her to win so they can stay in business. That’s just plain spite!

Also, it’s because they are sore losers. Ohio Governor John Kasich is the best example of the sorest, but let us not forget House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, ‘lil’ Marco, Ted Cruz, et. al., who have absented themselves from the national campaign, looking apparently, to the salvaging their own campaigns. They should still be helping to shine light on the true nature of the corrupted Democrat party and their odious champion, lying Hillary? Yet, they are absent! They are with her! They will pay!

Once we were told that the GOP is Paul Ryan. We heard of his agenda and how Trump must get behind it if he is to succeed. Where’s that agenda now? languishing on his desk. We hear nothing about him any more except he got reelected by a blowout. Ryan is House Speaker because he was begged by GOP moderates. He is there by default. Trump is our presidential candidate because the conservative base wants him there and the base put him there, by our choice, not Ryan’s, not McConnell’s not Romney’s and certainly not the Bush’s.

We remember these kind of people from our childhood days, popular kids who revealed their true character on the school playground when they didn’t get their way. They would fold their arms, stand off in a huff and refuse to participate. Now, they are our leaders, smooth talkers, set in their ways, just knowledgable enough to make things happen but not knowledgeable enough to defend their old, self-serving ideas from new ones. America will suffer for it. Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (26 August 2016)

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