“Only if I Win.” “Gotcha”


Opinion by George McClellan:

I get amused when the left-wing media attempts to inveigle admissions, confessions, exploitable half truths or wrong information out of a candidate they don’t approve of who runs for political office. Many of these fall into the category of “gotcha” questions. We know that.

Chris Wallace of Fox News, not necessarily a flaming liberal, but getting there, did it to Donald Trump at the third debate, piously asking, nay demanding, “would Mr. Trump,” right then and there on the public stage, “agree that he would support the winner?” Where did that come from? It’s a trick question right? It was intended as an extended “gotcha” question.

Trump didn’t bite and the left-wing media and the political establishment “elites” went nuts. Pointy headed political pontificators, poll takers, Democrats and Republicans, fell all over themselves trying to trash Donald Trump accusing him as being the personification of evil and the destroyer of Americans great political tradition, that the loser supports the winner. Strange, isn’t it, that Chris Wallace didn’t ask Hillary Clinton if she would support Trump?

To the left-wing media, Trump is a direct threat to the Progressives plan to raze America’s moral foundations and prevent them from creating their glorious new One World Order, with them in charge of course. Trumps election would also inhibit their raiding the public coffers to supply their friends with “investments” like silly solar and wind energy schemes, products not nearly ready for prime time. To sustain this Socialist nonsense, the Progressives must pick the winners and losers in industry and commerce. For them, the free enterprise system is a loser because they believe that because we are the “deplorable’s” we are in need of their beneficence.

Trump immediately understood that agreeing to Wallace’s entreaty was a dangerous idea. In these days of encroaching socialism, for Donald Trump to agree that should he lose he would support the winner, (Hillary) would be seen as his concession that the election was Hillary’s and she might as well be crowned straight away. That’s what the leaf-wing media was wanting, an acknowledgement that The Donald was at his end. They’re scared because they know a Hillary win is not a sure thing.

Because Trump flat out said he would accept the results of the election only if he were the winner, leaving his options open for recounts, court challenges and law suits in the face of probable voter fraud, the far left-wing media, not getting their “pound of flesh,” have gone nearly apoplectic as a result. Oh, the humanity! They go apoplectic all the time anyway so what’s new?

The following day, Donald Trump doubled down with the same promise to cheering crowds leaving even the effete tsk, tsk-ing Republicans, knowing The Donald has a better than 50-50 chance, nearly prostrate with grief, consumed with misery and running out of options.

What Trump effectively did was to plant the seed of doubt into the legitimacy of a Hillary victory. Each day the rising expose´ of Clinton’s corruption, by Wikileaks, is almost certain to fertilize the concept of a rigged election should Hillary prevail. The far left-wing media is complicit in the conspiracy to thwart the voice of the people but, the corruption, now exposed, despite the best efforts of the left-wing media to kill it, has already hastened the Progressive rot that first started with the revelation that the IRS, followed by both the Dept. of Justice and the FBI, had been corrupted by the Clintons and for the Clintons. When will it stop? It must stop on Nov 8th.

Remember freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go vote! (21 Oct 2016)

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