Nothing Has Changed!


Nothing Has Changed!
I’ve been on a two week hiatus from TV, internet and radio news that features left wing ding-bats prognosticating on US and world events. I’ve been traveling throughout the desolated and historic areas in Nebraska, So. Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. I return to find America’s woman’s world champion soccer team appear headed for glory, the Democrat party headed for perdition and Donald Trump headed for a second term. Nothing’s changed!

On a happy note is the fact that Trump’s re-election campaign has amassed $130 million dollars in nickel and dime donations from us “deplorable’s” while the total of donations to all twenty-four Democrat wanna-be’s combined, isn’t enough to even pay the downpayment on one tank displayed in Trump’s 4th of July celebration of our armed forces.

No news is good news. Our Independence day celebration was ignored by the Left-wing media so they couldn’t ruin it for us Americans. Only Fox News carried the celebrations while the other networks stewed in the juices of their own TDS hatred, befuddled and flummoxed at their total inability to get Trump out of office. The realization that his second term is already a done deal must stick in their craw. I love it!

My return to US news was Sunday Edition with Chris Wallace, hosted by Dana Perino. She interviewed Dem. candidate for President, Co. Sen. Michael Bennett and I can now say without fear of contradiction that he is a complete liar in the Hillary Clinton mode. His first lie was to assert that Trump’s economic boom actually started in 2009 under Barak Obama. His afflatus went downhill from there. Dana Perino did a good job trying to have Sen. Bennett correct some of his mistaken concepts. Not unexpectedly he gave no credit to President Trump, at all. The good thing is that he will no longer be a Senator. He has two chances of becoming the Democrat candidate for President: zero and none! That’s good news indeed.

Another issue that hasn’t changed, is our streets are still swarming with black shirted, hooded and masked facsimiles of Hitlers Brown Shirts (SD) beating up people who do not agree with them. Their vocabulary, in their treatment of American citizens, is limited to vulgarisms followed by swift punches to the face and head of their detractors. Violence to others is their only tactic and it works because in cities where they are successful, they are protected by the Democrat political establishment who orders police to stand down.

I see a shift to Soviet style government on the local level. For example, the mayor of Portland, Oregon has become a “Commissar,” his Chief of Police, no longer a law enforcement officer, but is a “Political Officer” a la, Soviet Communism style. Do we not see the horrible trend coming here if Americans who obey the constitution don’t take action?

What action you ask? Well to fight back physically against the Antifa’s on the streets and inflict serious damage. Demand laws that forbid protesters to mask their faces. Counter-Surveillance on the Antifa’s, follow them to their homes and bang on their doors. By this time the local Political Officer will have to take action to defend the Storm Troops of on rushing socialism by making arrests of real Americans. Tie up the legal system, demand immediate trials by jury’s. Challenge the Jury’s to seat only members who have, sometime in their lives, sworn to protect and obey the constitution. It’s time to put an end to this radical nonsense. It’s time to correct Americas ship of state, it’s time to Make America Great Again! It’s time to destroy radicalism and the Democrat party. They’re trying to destroy us!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way.Now, Go get ‘em!

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