Hostility to a Moral America


We see these little flashes of pure social madness, items totally unAmerican, unconstitutional and maddening, but correctable if we had the guts to stop it, popping up here and there across America. Americans should have stopped it long ago, but we didn’t! We were swamped by a tidal wave of Marxist multiculturalism and diversity in our schools and work places and we didn’t know how to respond. The ACLU was employed to combat any counter effort to keep America, American on the grounds of “civil rights” violations. Heretics are now directing our moral codes.

The Houston, Tx. Public School system just hired a new Superintendent, from the “Left” coast no less, whose first order of business was to install in the Houston educational syllabus a required course celebrating LGBT&Q’s, and whatever else is morally disgusting, to be taught in the classrooms. He might have bitten off more than he expected but, we’ll see.

In 2011, the Principal of Hampton High School, in Tennessee, threatened any student, especially the graduating class’s valedictorian, with arrest if they delivered a prayer, or attempted to do so, at the schools graduation ceremonies. As a parent, I would have rallied the willing PTA types to pay a visit to the principal and bring a lawyer along to have a chat with him.

The news is filled daily with similar reports of school administrators yielding to additional examples of atheistic hostility to religion. A spike in this hostility to the Christian bible especially, has occurred since the beginning of the failed Obama administration, except of course, for a fawning, slavish love for the religion of peace and its holy book, where their message of submission prevails.

The words of our Constitution are so clear: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” One does not need to be a law school graduate or a judge to understand those few simple words.

The Socialists, Communists, Marxists, Fascists, whatever you want to call them, have seized upon words not even written in the Constitution, “the Separation (Clause?) of church and state,” as the basis upon which government, including school administrations, can prohibit the free speech of students as protected by the First Amendment.

How were school administrators allowed to go so far astray from basic Americanism and seize this authority over one of our basic rights? They’re Marxists and pose a gross violation to the First amendment! that gives us that right. They just did it! Why can’t local citizens organize, within the law and challenge those anti American, anti-Constitutional school boards and heretical administrations to recant, before the only course left is the stake.

As Americans we must guard our own freedoms. If we expect to gift our children and grand children with the fact of our guaranteed freedoms for the future, then we must take action now. Challenges by concerned citizens have already occurred and the results have been a the collapse by schools. They’re wrong! They know they are but, they will continue their bluff, so long as it works. Marxists use the ACLU as their hammer, but are losing their luster. We’ve been fed a snow job and, if we don’t challenge these attacks against our Constitution, our rights will indeed disappear until, one day, we’ll wake up and find that socialism, in some odious form, will have achieved its goals by a fait´ accompli´ and, the America we know will be gone. The future of our grand children will be hollow, uncaring, immoral, deadening and deadly. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

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