Hillary’s Demonomics Will Sink Our Country


Opinion by John Tutten:

“I have a clear vision for the economy and it’s this. We need to make sure our economy works for everyone. Not just those at the top.”

So began Hillary Clinton this week in North Carolina while offering her rebuttal of Donald Trump’s economic prescriptions for the country. She continued:

“Not just for the rich or the well-connected, not just for people living in some parts of the country or people from certain backgrounds and not others, I mean everyone. And I have a plan to get us there.”

Yes, Hillary has a plan. Pay no attention to the fact that she has endorsed every economic policy the current administration has foisted upon the nation. Since Obama came into office, the top 1% has seen incomes rise by 11.2 %, while the remaining 99 % of us were stuck with an income decrease of .4 %. But this is yesterday’s news, now Hillary has a plan!

She laid out five “ambitious” goals that we would be directed to tackle together once she assumes the throne, ah I mean presidency. Attainment of these five goals will usher in a new, golden era of fairness and economic kumbaya.

First, the government will create thousands and thousands of good paying jobs by wait – drum roll – investing in infrastructure! Sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it? Seems like we created a trillion dollars in debt that was supposed to fund the rebuilding of our crumbling infrastructure back in 2009. That was until our president mirthfully admitted that all those shovel-ready jobs were – well, not so shovel ready. That Obama, he’s such a cut up!

This time, Hillary is going to make this work by slicing through the dysfunction in Washington. I guess she’s going to complete Obama’s work of destroying the Constitution’s separation of powers foundation and just run the country with a pen, a phone, and a pants suit.

Second, Hillary will “transform the way we prepare Americans for the jobs of the future” by making college debt-free for all. Does she mean attending college will become debt-free because schools will cut professor’s salaries and benefits or dig into their endowment funds or reduce their construction of palatial administration buildings? No, no. This is where we all get the opportunity to spread our wealth just a little further. (Remember that it’s OK to rail against Big Oil’s profits but we must never speak of Big Education, Big Entertainment, or Big Law’s wallowing in cash.)

Next, Hillary will “rewrite the rules so more companies share profits with their employees and few ship profits and jobs overseas.” Hmmm. What could Hillary have in mind here? I can think of a few things she won’t be doing. She won’t be lowering the corporate income tax to a level competitive with the rest of the world. I bet she won’t be easing the EPA regulatory burden either. I doubt she will relax the penalty for repatriating funds held offshore. No, I think she has something a little more iron fisted in mind. Corporate leadership requires profit and productivity growth before laying out more cash to employees. Hillary will put a stop to this and government bureaucrats will determine what an employee’s work is worth.

The fourth point of Hillary’s plan is an oldie but a goodie – tax the rich, especially those Wall Street guys. Now, does anybody really think that after getting a $21 million payoff for making vacuous speeches the last couple of years that Hillary is going to bite the hand that fed her? Not a chance. And even if she confiscated much of Wall Street’s wealth, it doesn’t do much for our debt problem anyway. This is just an obligatory feel good for her ravenous, Marxist constituency.

As a finishing touch, Hillary wants to “put families first” by raising the minimum wage, enacting paid family leave, and expanding preschool. Family leave and preschool are all well and good, but the question is how do they get paid for? It will certainly place more pressure on businesses and create a greater tax burden for us.

Hillary throws the question at us that if other advanced countries can provide these entitlements how come the United States can’t? Could it be because we have to spend hundreds of billions of dollars defending their butts? If we didn’t supply so much aid to the world and keep the UN afloat maybe we could afford more.

The minimum wage though is what really shows how completely ignorant Hillary and those that support her are about economics. In Nancy Pelosian cluelessness, Hillary states, “If we want higher growth, we have got to raise incomes, so people have more disposable dollars to be able to spend, instead of holding back out of fear of what will happen.”

So, in Hillary’s twisted ideology, wage hikes cause profit increases. If that’s the case, then we should condemn the Democrats for short changing workers. If raising wages leads to increasing profits and prosperity, why are they settling for $15 per hour? Why not $50 or even better $100 per hour?

Anyone with the slightest economic sense knows that wage hikes can only follow increases in productivity and innovation. Just raising wages does nothing but eliminate jobs. It can’t be legitimately argued, but facts and evidence do not hold liberals back anymore.

I am at best, a lukewarm Trump supporter but I pray he will occupy the White House come late January next year.


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