For The GOP, The Party’s Over


Opinion by George McClellan:

Mr. Steve Hayes, a Weekley Standard columnist, who appears frequently on the FOX News channel with Bret Baier said recently, rather as an aside, that he heard rumblings from inside sources that in light of Trumps apparent inevitability, the RNC was actually considering running as a third party. Say what? Cn we say desperation?

This reveals the crack in the dam against which no finger of a little boy will suffice to hold back the tide of angry Americans who have finally been liberated from the chains of GOP party enslavement by Donald Trump because they now know they have constantly been betrayed by the party for the past twenty or more years, most certainly the last eight, and want no more of it. The party’s breaking up on the rocks and shoals of their own deception and incompetence.

Mr. Hayes, whether he acknowledges it or not, spoke clearly on behalf of the RNC, as an anti-Trump’r, who cannot believe what he is witnessing, the loss of the party’s authority over its minions, and their money. Oh, the thought is too horrible to bear! Interestingly, his comment opened a crack in the door allowing us to peek into the party’s meltdown and view its desperation over events they no longer control but of their own making. Is a divorce eminent? Of course it is. It’s already started. The party’s over!

After the recent five north-east states primary delegate selection, that Trump swept in all categories, Newt Gingrich told the party it was time to accept the Trump phenomena because his nomination is now a done deal and anything that remotely had GOP fingerprints on it as altering the course of what conservatives voters want, i.e.: Trump, and a new course for America, will be the kiss of death for the GOP. They know this, that’s why the third party nonsense. This happened before in our early history to the “Bull Moose” party and the “Copperheads” but, they weren’t the main parties and all but died at birth.

The “elite,” “establishment,” career,” GOP politicians, however you wish to identify them, have demonstrated a gross mismanagement of conservative politics by abandoning the principles upon which conservatism was originally founded and, instead, joined hands with the corrupt Progressives (democrats) in gleefully looting the treasury. It continues to this day. What could be a grosser violation of the public trust than a vote for the Omnibus Spending Bill? Nothing else matters. Only America’s survival, as America, matters and yet the GOP have failed us.

Now, at election time, we must listen to the varied excuses of our failed politicians tell us why they thought it necessary to abandon their public trust, spend money we don’t have, further our country’s path to financial Armageddon, while hoping, nay, pleading that we return them to office because they now see the light and they’re really good guy’s.

Trump started the ball rolling. This election provides a great opportunity to continue the changes in our political representation. Nine of our GOP representatives (from Georgia) voted for the Omnibus Spending Bill. They did so because, like Obamacare, it was thrust upon them without discussion or time to read it and just a day or two before it had to be voted on. They opted to “go along.” That’s not the way to spend the peoples money. That’s not why they’re there. They made a bad decision and must pay for it. None of these people are entitled to keep their jobs. They have to earn them to keep ‘em. I haven’t seen that happening, have you? So now do your duty and throw the bums out.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ‘em!, (27 April 2016)

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