Facing The Peril


Opinion written by George McClellan:

We’ve all seen movie scenes of people walking across beds of hot coals or struggling bare footed and naked crossing a cactus covered desert, but nothing, nothing, appears harder to do than run a conservative government with a bunch of useless damn Democrats in the way.

After three election cycles, the American people finally all but reduced the influence of the once powerful, but dangerous socialist Democrat Party to near irrelevance. So, why, why do they still command center stage? Why do they feel compelled to act as if they were still all powerful and influential to America’s future? But, more importantly, why do the Republicans let ‘em?

With endearing spokespersons like Maxine Waters screaming for Trumps impeachment, Nancy Pelosi, garbling answers to questions she doesn’t even know the answers to and Chuckie Schumer claiming how “shocked and disappointed” he was that Trump did this or that, it’s apparent they’re not going to get very far without serious help.

If they had the guts, Republicans could seize the day and actually push the Democrats out the door. Sadly, they don’t seem to have the will to fight or win against anything the Democrats are doing to stop Trump. They just seem to go along to get along with whatever they and the ultra-left wing media scream about every day. It is apparent of course, that Donald Trump is actually threatening a combined, corrupt political machine long entrenched in the American body politic, to the point that he could actually succeed so, he presents a real and present danger to their own futures that must be neutralized, at all costs.

The political discourse for the past several years has always fed into the Democrat agenda, subverted years ago by the social philosophy of Marx & Lenin to reshape the American character from one of personal responsibility and self-reliance to one of total reliance on government. That scheme, decades in the making, was so near fruition that the sudden appearance of a once in a life-time character like Donald Trump, threatening to destroy all of their slow, methodical and incremental preparation, has created their near hysteria, imperiled their future and clouding what’s left of the atmosphere of decency and respect, with a cacophony of noisy threats, accusations, and political attacks against everything Trump does.

For President Trump, the first peril to draining the swamp, while at the same time trying to run a government, rebuild a broken military and repair a shredded foreign policy left over from the previous regime, is the remaining Marxist acolytes not yet purged from government offices, bureau’s and departments, the source of most leaks. Neither can we neglect the forth estate, the ultra-leftist media, now all in to the purging of President Trump instead.

The Democrats are approaching the mid-term congressional elections with the same naive determination of a Christian pastor preaching Christ’s love in a mosque. They need to regain their numbers in both houses of Congress so, they fill the ether with pleas for donations to save the party. Georgia’s 6th Congressional district and Montana’s Senatorial campaigns, are just two cases in point. In both, the Democrat message is always the same, attack the incumbent or the Republican Party. Make President Trump a villain and therefore their support of him, almost criminal, but never, ever, under any circumstances, present an arguable need for America to return to the path of socialism. The fight will be long and hard and not helped by non-cooperating Republicans. Somewhere, there has to be an end to the RINO Republicans like McCain, Graham, Collins & others. It will come but we must be patient. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (18May2017)


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