Education by Diversity


Opinion by George McClellan:

There are words introduced into American’s vocabulary that act like little land mines of political correctness. Apart from the odious word, “multiculturalism,” one other such offending word is “diversity.” In Progressive speak “Diversity” is code for trashing one culture and replacing it with another. It’s happening daily in our public schools.

For American education, diversity is the enforced repudiation of America’s two hundred years of white European history and culture, to be replaced by white guilt and the basically invented culture of the African-American and, soon, the glories of Islam.

Why would we entertain, even for a single moment, emulating the brutish, violent, low life style that now represents almost 90% of the American negro culture as themes to be adored and duplicated? Indeed, every day news sources are filled with the mounting death toll of urban black males and their victims, also mostly black, especially in the urban centers of failed Progressive city governments.

These facts are basically ignored by liberal society and the media because they clearly show the failures of Progressivism and reflect poorly on the consequences of “diversity.” But, to deviate from this thought process is to seriously violate the accepted tenets of political correctness and swiftly invite personal punishment. The African American has a splendid culture, for Africans, and, it does have a place in American culture, but not all of it. The negro culture has contributed talent and music, among other things, but not exclusively, to the cultural fabric of America’s entertainment and sports industries.

It has, unhappily, also contributed to a high illegitimate birth rate, a high violent death rate (including abortions), a high unemployment rate, a high prison rate and a high rate of uneducated young males wandering the streets in search of victims, drugs or vaginas, not necessarily in that order. There are very few Ben Carson’s, Walter Sorrels or Herman Cain’s coming out of todays American schools. There remain no Fredrick Douglas’s, George Washington Carvers or Martin Luther Kings, men of stature, to direct the race onto the path of Americanism. Instead, race grifters and tax cheats, Like Barak Obama, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, claim the seat of representing the negro voice.

The United Negro College Fund has a great slogan: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” and yet, because of intended progressive policies, that’s exactly what’s happening. It cannot be possible that a whole race is kept in ignorance except by intended design by the forces of despotic control. Clinton’s message to her hoped for black voters, subliminally, say’s as much and their fawning approval proves it.

These facts are inarguable, yet our schools, instead of educating students in Americanism, have become the conduits of progressive propaganda by thought control, the purpose to make victimization a priority, and diversity, sacrosanct, all characterized by the finger pointing taunts of racism and white privilege to enforce white guilt.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (13 March 2016)

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