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I’ve been mulling this over for awhile but, the final straw for me, was when our Congressman the Hon., Rev. Doug Collins (Ga 9th), and our former Congressman, the Hon. Tom Graves (Ga 14th), both voted for the Omnibus Spending Bill. For me, and most of my Gilmer County Tea Party and Republican friends, that vote stood as a betrayal of the very reason conservative voters in the 9th and 14th Districts sent ‘em there. At the time, I was Chairman of my county’s GOP organization and had high hopes for the charismatic and eager Mr. Collins and proudly saw him off triumphant, as our hopeful, next House Representative.

That 2016 Omnibus Spending Bill was 2600 pages long, more or less. It could not have been read in the couple hours given to them before the vote was called. Those were two reasons that should have prompted an immediate “No” vote for any true conservative. Too big and unreadable! Why then, do we not hear screams of anguish from our conservative congressmen who once faithfully promised to reduce government, reduce taxes and obey the Constitution?

But, the more important question here, is why was there a need for an Omnibus Spending bill anyway? It’s probably because normally spending bills, once brought forth as individual measures as they should be, are exposed to the sunlight of public examination as they should be and consequently, more capable of being defeated.

To overcome this little problem, leadership now assembles bills in larger and every larger packages, the several sections of which contains the desired bribe designed for each congressman to ensure his vote. Its a way around the old discredited ‘pork barrel’ spending bills, once so beloved of congressmen everywhere. It’s also as corrupt! America is broke folk’s! There just ain’t any money anymore. “No money? So, we will just print more!”

So, with everyone happy that their special needs and requests would be provided for, the bill was then slipped into the final process, against a time limit, during the happy demonstration of joy and rapture evidenced over John Boehner’s departure and the installation of the new “Pope” of legislative progress, Paul Ryan onto the high holy seat as “Speaker”. Us voters were left bewildered by a fait accompli, aka: a complete snow job wondering what just happened?

If that is the way congress works, and apparently it is, then its dishonest and smacks of corruption. Our two congressmen promised to vote conservatively, which included a vigorous campaign against Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, end the depredations of the IRS EPA and the Dept. of Educations Common Core debacle. In the end, they caved over an issue of Georgia’s water flow as did seven other of Georgia congressmen. This is the corruption that has infected our body politic, to vote what’s good for them, but not for America.

For the 9th District, Mr. Collins is apparently not going to campaign for a third term, unchallenged. As a faithful serving incumbent, voting as the leadership demands, he will be supported in his reelection bid. But, unlike previous elections where the efforts of multiple challengers are dissipated by the individuals own desires to join the special ones in DC, a new consensus has emerged of a collective monetary effort, by multiple challengers, challenging the incumbent as one. It’s called the Sullivan Plan. More on the plan later. It is now time to renew your efforts to correct our governmental problems. Join your Local Tea Party, attend meetings and organize. Attend your local GOP meeting and make noise. Vote incumbents out!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go do it! (3 Feb 2016)

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