America’s Educated Black Labor Force


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Americans of African descent constitute about only 13% of the population yet are the least productive in the work force. They’re also the least educated. Because of the need to pander for voters, Democrats, long ago, forced industry into providing them employment,, qualified or not. Still, the lack of education had to be addressed. Money was thrown at schools with the caveat that they must increase the number of black students per classroom based upon some government formula, or face loss of funding. Charter schools, of course, were not acceptable for black children in Wash. DC.. Obama defunded it.

Education, and the burden of its costs, is the biggest joke on taxpayers. When they graduate, many often still can’t read. Were they educated? Public schools are turning out students today, of all races, except Asians, who cannot do their sums and are barely literate above the third grade level and have no clue about American history. Why should that be allowed? “No Child Left Behind,” and “Common Core,” Progressive schemes all, and the obstructionist Teachers Unions, don’t want it, that’s why.

A preponderance of unprepared blacks are admitted into colleges and universities where they now constitute such a massive voice that they can just about demand, and get, anything they want. Colleges and Universities have turned into cesspools of insane ideas’ all designed to pacify blacks who demand what can no longer be made available to them, a real education. They don’t want it. They want sanctioned equality and college is the way to get it.

During recent protests at some major universities and BLM events, the screaming mobs demanding reparations, “kill whitey” racism and etc., are barely able to utter their words in understandable English yet, they demand from a society that gave them a chance, that which they are incapable of utilizing when they do get it. Why are these people accommodated? If they can’t pass muster to get in, why are they let in? For diversity and inclusiveness, of course! Why is it important to seat a person in a classroom who couldn’t otherwise qualify, at the expense of one who could, yet pass ‘em through to satisfy a Progressive demand for fairness? They’re in simply because they’re black and we were told we had to let them in or it wouldn’t be fair and we would be labeled “racists.” Oh, the horror of that!

When reality set in to legitimize that really stupid idea, of clogging classrooms with incompetents, colleges fell all over themselves creating even stupider ideas like “Black Studies,” staffed by teachers who still couldn’t read, barely speak proper English or worse, were those that could read and matriculated out of schools with a Marxist curriculum like, Angela Davis for example.

Today, schools at all levels are not judged by the quality of their product, but by the number of diversified students that are passed on to the next level, whether or not they can read or write. States get federal money for doing that. If a classroom assignment requires studying literature not written by Mayra Angelou, or another black author then, by all means, don’t trouble yourself to read it. Western culture was written by dead old white men. Their opinion doesn’t count anymore. Instead, find a comic book super hero and report on him (or her). Hey? Where are the black super hero’s? They’re in the movies now.

Upon graduation, these poor fools expect corporate America to give them jobs. The federal government certainly will. We experience the wonders of that every time we call a federal office to ask about our taxes or the status of a veteran, etc.. We see them in the TSA herding passengers along like sheep, the only job where they can exercise any authority at all. Not surprisingly, a significant number lose their positions because they couldn’t keep their hands off other peoples property. Old habits are hard to break.

This fifty year failed experiment of giving in to the ever increasing demands of the 13%, just to sustain democrat voter lists, is wearing a bit thin. Time to close it down. Politicians have corrupted America, corrupted the black race, have disrespected even the capable blacks and have made a mockery of education. When does it cease? Probably never!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! ( 12 Oct 2016)


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