A Road Less Taken?


Opinion by George McClellan:

The metaphor, is taken from a poem by Robert Frost. It’s application is many but, as far as politics is concerned, it’s worn out. We took that road in 2008; unaccountably renewed our path in 2012 and now find ourselves headed for the land fill of bad ideas to join other failed experiments in social control, and we don’t know what to do about it.

We are now approaching another junction in the road, one returning us into the bright sunshine of personal freedom and individual responsibility, protected by the rule of law, or the continued path into the dark pit of government controlled socialism that Hillary clinton is promising us?

Americans were actually coming together before 2008 but, the rules governing personal achievement were constantly under attack by the Marxist infiltrated Democrat Party dragging personal initiative and independence under the umbrella of a benevolent government. Bill Clinton’s supposed era of prosperity was because he had a conservative (Republican) congress who enacted the laws and made him comply. The Democrats obstructed all the way, especially into the next Bush administration. Failures laid at Bush’s feet were the failure of a Democrat congress that managed to replace a feckless Republican one in Bush’s last two years.

Since then, the hope and change promised us by an unknown half breed grifter, who simply ignores the rules and despotically takes his own road less traveled, for our benefit of course, has brought us to the lip of the land fill of racial divisions, economic malaise, assassinations, turmoil, and tumult. We are now truly a nation divided but, that’s not what we were.

Americans are in a “spot of pother.” Due to the constant assault by progressivism’s plans for social enlightenment, urged by the Democrats and their special interest associates constantly screaming “change, change” into our ears, uninvolved citizens have been driven into the safety of their own minds. By trashing our basic truths of morality, demanding obedience to and acceptance of deviancy, infant murders and total government control of their laws, have quit.

For some reason, black Americans now seem willing to fight back albeit, against the wrong target, America’s police, while white Americans seem unwilling to take a stand and fight back against illegal government, at all levels. Whites have a voice. It’s time to use it!

Tea parties formed. For awhile they organized grand marches in Wash. DC., at State Houses and during political campaigns? Where are they now? Limited to a few, that normal 3% who get things done. But, they should be out there every day, organizing against a wicked government and its soul deadening programs. Why do we not hear push back from our Christian churches? Instead we hear silence or pleas to accept our Islamic brothers on the promise they won’t actually cut our heads off. This is America after all.

I do see a push back and it needs to be encouraged. The Bundy Ranch stand off in Nevada last year. The recent Burns, Oregon stand off where one 54 year old man was willing to give up his life for his rights. In Iowa two Christian churches nave fought back and won, for all churches, on LGBT Issues. One must wonder, exactly what does Iowa’s Civil Rights Commission not understand about the 1st amendment?: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” It’s time for all American’s to push back. That’s what the courts are for, that’s what the Tea Parties are for, that’s what the streets are for. Redress, petition and change.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (12 July 2016)

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