Senator David Perdue, Parents, & Education Leaders Applaud New Secretary Of Education Betsy DeVos

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February 7, 2017 Megan Whittemore, 202-228-1023

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Senator David Perdue, Parents, & Education Leaders Applaud New Secretary Of Education Betsy DeVos


WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA) today voted to confirm President Donald J. Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos and joined educators and parents applauding her commitment to improving access to education and returning education control to states and local school boards.


U.S. Senator David Perdue

“Both of my parents were school teachers and education is something very dear to me. Parents, teachers, administrators, and students all know that one-size-fits-all Washington education standards are not working and it is time to return control back to states and communities. Betsy DeVos shares these same beliefs. She has championed school choice and, as evidenced by her years of involvement, will work tirelessly to improve our education system. I was proud to support Betsy DeVos’ nomination and look forward to working with her to help all students succeed.” (U.S. Senator David Perdue statement in support, 02/03/2017)


Georgia Charter Schools Association

“Betsy DeVos embraces innovation, endorses accountability and—most especially—trusts parents to choose what is in their unique child’s best interests. She also believes in providing every parent with the resources and choices to pursue those decisions.” (Georgia Charter Schools Association letter of support, 01/27/2017)


National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

“Mrs. DeVos has been a dedicated champion for improving education for all students. As a result of her work with organizations dedicated to education reform, countless children throughout America are now able to access a higher quality education. As Secretary of Education we expect that her leadership will guide the Administration’s budget and policies toward increased academic outcomes for all of our nation’s students.” (Nina Rees, President And CEO, National Alliance For Public Charter Schools, Letter To Sens. Alexander And Murray, 01/04/2017)


American Association for Christian Schools

“We, the undersigned, endorse this champion of choice and the education reforms needed to improve the future of every child in America. And we strongly advocate for [Betsy DeVos’] confirmation as our next U.S. Secretary of Education.” (American Association for Christian Schools letter in support, 01/27/17)


Parents for Choice in Education

“Betsy DeVos is an undisputed champion of families and students. For nearly 30 years she has devoted time and resources to improving education options for our nation’s children. Yet millions still languish in failing schools in an education system more than a century old. It’s time for a new vision.” (Parents for Choice in Education letter of support, 01/27/2017)


Home School Legal Defense Association

“Betsy DeVos is dedicated to building an education system that will effectively support and facilitate the education of all students everywhere, no matter their background, interests, or personal needs. More than this, she has a vision to build a system in which those in the driver’s seat are the ones most capable of determining what will be effective; namely every child’s parents.” (J. Michael Smith, Home School Legal Defense Association, Letter To The Senate, 12/12/2016)


Hispanics for School Choice

The most effective way to earn the respect of Latinos is to find them where they are and to tell them the truth. Mrs. DeVos has a track record of reaching out with straight talk and real dollars. Our community is worth the investment…Should Betsy DeVos be confirmed as Secretary of Education, she will earn the trust of Latino families by making sure parents are in control of their children’s future instead of Washington bureaucrats.” (Zeus Rodriguez, Founder of Hispanics for School Choice in Op-Ed, “Betsy DeVos Will Empower Latino Families, Not Bureaucrats,” The Hill, 01/17/2017)



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