Collins Statement on U.N. Vote Against Israeli Settlements


December 23, 2016

WASHINGTON—The United Nations passed a resolution today condemning the construction of Israeli settlements, while the United States abstained from the Security Council vote. Congressman Doug Collins issued the following statement in response:

“The U.N. Security Council’s vote today continues the body’s pattern of undermining Israel as a sovereign, democratic nation. The United States’ failure to veto the measure, however, marks one of the most disturbing departures from the thoughtful precedent that has governed our relationship with Israel.

“It should concern every American that this administration seems to have forgotten the lessons of history in refusing to stand up for our friends in Israel. A sustainable, responsible approach to international relations means that the U.S. exercises foresight in defending its allies. We must understand that outrageous challenges to their sovereignty challenge our integrity as those who value justice in and among nations.

“In flouting American precedent by abstaining from today’s vote, the president has made the path toward peace between Israel and Palestine more challenging. And when a terrorist organization welcomes a new direction in American foreign policy, we should quickly reevaluate our own path—cowardice and capitulation on the world stage do nothing to advance peace in the Middle East or elsewhere.

“If this is the foreign policy the president plans to pursue at the end of his tenure, January 20 cannot arrive fast enough.”

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