Collins: Justice Has Not Been Served in Clinton Email Case


July 5, 2016

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Federal Bureau of Investigation recommended against pressing charges against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after she mishandled classified information and stored it on her personal home email server. Congressman Collins released the following statement on the FBI’s decision:

“In the United States, no one is above the law. Unfortunately, the FBI’s announcement today that indicates that Secretary Clinton is receiving special treatment due to political pressures. Secretary Clinton’s actions were irresponsible and reckless and jeopardize our national security. If another government official did the same thing, they would be charged and thrown in jail. For the FBI to simply turn away from this matter shows how politicized this Administration has become – Secretary Clinton has become untouchable even to the highest levels of law enforcement. As Americans, we must hold our public officials to the highest standards, and they certainly must be held accountable for illegal activities and wrongdoing. No amount of sidestepping and political maneuvering should buy Secretary Clinton any more time. I call on FBI Director James Comey to reverse his decision, and for justice to be served. No one—even a former Secretary of State—should be allowed to get away with these dangerous and irresponsible actions.”


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