New Hope Elementary: Forsyth’s Newest School

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FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. – In just a few days the 2022-2023 school year will commence, and students will graze the freshly painted halls of New Hope Elementary School for the very first time. 

The county officially celebrated the grand opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony on July 23 at 10:00am. The school will open its doors to faculty and staff on July 28th and students are scheduled to begin the school year beginning August 4th.

Located off of Castleberry Road, New Hope is estimated to hold 1,175 students. The school will serve as a solution to the problem of overcrowding at schools such as Whitlow Elementary, Vickery Creek Elementary, Shiloh Point Elementary, and Midway Elementary. The school itself is designed in a way that stands out from the other elementary schools in the county. Community members will notice wood finishes on the exterior as well as the interior, a vibrant color scheme, and a fresh modern look to the building.

FCSS states, “The name “New Hope” echoes across the decades and endures as a positive vision and message —that the challenges that weigh us down in the past or today, especially those we have faced in 2020, should never dissuade us from imagining a better, more just, and more love-filled future.”

Parents and students will find that the staff and faculty plan to provide only the best of the best. Students with food allergies and celiac disease will be pleased to find that the school has partnered with PAL Pantry, also known as “Protect A Life Pantry”. The program is designed to provide a gluten or allergen free snack for those students who forget their snack.
Another program offered by the school is SOARIN’. This is a program that offers after school care to students from kindergarten up to 5th grade. Starting on August 8th, students will be able to enjoy this program from the time school dismisses until 6:00pm. Registration and rates for this program can be found on the school website

Faculty states, “This program will reap huge benefits for the school, both in a sense of community building as well as providing a safe space for students to be cared for after school hours. Our program will offer low ratios, dedicated study time, interactive play, crafts, holiday fun and so much more! We are excited to bring more information to this site soon as we finalize procedures and schedules!”

For further information regarding what the school has to offer, transportation service information and policies and procedures please visit the school website.




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