Julie Elder has the Ingredients for Success

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BLOUNT COUNTY, TN – Julie Elder is giving answers to parents and students on success for the Maryville City Schools.

To begin, Julie Elder is running for the Maryville City School Board.

The municipal elections for the MSB are on August 4th, 2022.

FetchYourNews has reached out for statements.

 Favorable Platforms
  1. What platforms are you running on?
Our school system has been successful for many years at providing a wonderful education to all of its successful students.  Continuing, in order to provide the very best educational opportunities to our children, I will work to help make sure we:
1.  Equip our students with the very best resources. I will work to continue to ensure we hire the very best instructors, provide the best instructional materials, and provide the very best facilities for learning.
2.  Empower our students to meet their own goals.  Whatever a student’s future goal might include trade school, community college, a university, or direct work-force entry, I want to help ensure the school system is helping each student reach his/her goal.
3.  Protect our students.  We have significantly invested in safe entries in each of our schools, SROs, and other safety measures.  I want to continue to work with the Police Department & administration to frequently evaluate safety needs and make meeting those needs a priority.

Voting Triumphs

2. I want to know how to explain the importance of this election to others, what would you say?

For parents, there is no greater priority than their children, and within Maryville, our entire community prioritizes our children’s education.

Thus, the election of those who play a large role in navigating the current and future direction of the school system is incredibly important.

Those elected will be trusted to approve multi-million-dollar budgets, manage the Director of School’s contract, adopt and implement policy, provide tenure to teachers, and carry out many other responsibilities of the board.

Also, we have the Maryville City Schools Foundation that helps provide additional funding to enhance successful learning for all students, and we also have businesses who step up and help sponsor and fund many needs.

It is critical that those who are elected as school board members reflect the values and goals of our community as a whole.

Parent Success

3. Are you focusing on more parent involvement as well?
In summary, I certainly encourage parents to get involved as much as possible.
We know achieving the goal of providing the best education possible for each child is not possible without the involvement and support of parents.  As a board member, I also want to hear from parents about success and concerns.  I am always willing to meet or talk to parents and advocate for them.
Victory Recipe
5. What does a successful school look like to you?
 To reach success, it might be helpful to think of creating a successful school like baking a cake.  You have your essential ingredients:
  • Excellent, dedicated teachers who work to teach the state’s standards and challenge students to be their best.
  • Involved, supportive parents who are invested in their child’s learning & growth.
  • Administrators who are effective leaders at seamlessly creating an environment where teachers and families work together to reach educational goals.
  • Facilities that foster and encourage a learning environment.
Finally, you have the icing on the cake which is the way our Maryville community supports our schools.  Concluding, to create and maintain successful schools, it takes lots of people working together toward a common goal of providing what is best for each child. We are so blessed to have that here in Maryville City Schools.

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