Dawsonville company cited for illegal fireworks

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ATLANTA – On Wednesday, the Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner’s Office issued a cease and desist order and monetary penalty against Dawsonville-based Bride Lights, LLC, for illegal fireworks activity.

Bride Lights owner, Ty Smith, had initially contacted local authorities in mid-May for permission to host a fireworks display on May 29. When he was told that was not sufficient time to acquire the proper permits, Mr. Smith ceased communication with authorities and hosted the exhibition anyway.

“With the Fourth of July holiday approaching this week, it is extremely important for any Georgian who wishes to host a public fireworks exhibition to receive approval from the proper authorities,” said Commissioner John King. “This is for both the health and safety of those hosting the display as well as those in attendance.”

Bride Lights was fined $1,000 and ordered to cease and desist from further illegal activity in violation of Georgia fireworks statutes and regulations. Commissioner King previously called on Georgians to exercise caution when using fireworks over the upcoming holiday weekend.

The mission of the Office of the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner is to protect Georgia families by providing access to vital insurance products and safe buildings through fair regulation that creates economic opportunities for all Georgians.

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