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BLUE RIDGE, Ga – As we all take to the polls this election season, let’s remember to be respectful of our neighbors’ viewpoints and property.

Defacing or stealing political signs creates more animosity toward the other party and raises distrust in local communities. In Georgia, no one can place within the right-of-way, so in most cases, sign-stealers must venture onto private property. If caught, the person could face misdemeanor vandalism or larceny charges just because they don’t support a specific political candidate.

In a day and age where almost everyone has some type of camera security set up, it’s easier to catch sign vandals than before.

On a darker note, sign-owners are taking matters into their own hands and boobytrapping their signs. In Michigan, a man sliced his hand open by razorblades found on Trump-Pence 2020 political signs that he attempted to remove. The individual received 13 stitches, according to Business Insider.

The homeowners told authorities that their original Trump signs were stolen, but new ones turned up while they were out of time. They didn’t know about the razor blades.

Fannin County Post One Commissioner Candidate Dixie Carter commented on Facebook, “Time to get the razor blades out for the signs!” after someone trashed a Biden-Harris 2020 sign. She later took the comment down and changed it “We will keep putting up signs! June Krise got 750lbs of Biden signs last week! They are coming to a town near you!”

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Nevertheless, both instances of violence and implied violence due to political affiliation is an affront to the first amendment. Everyone in this country possesses the freedom of expression and shouldn’t have to worry about a Republican or Democrat stealing their property.

Soon election season will end, and our neighbors will always be here. If you feel tempted, take a breath, and think about how you would feel if someone ripped up your $15 political declaration.

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