Clyde “honored and humbled” by Ninth District support

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Clyde Ninth District

ELLIJAY, Ga – Ninth District Republican candidate Andrew Clyde expressed his enthusiasm to represent Ninth District voters and has begun preparing for the race to November.

Clyde told Brian Pritchard on Good Morning from the Office that he had an “amazing election night” and is feeling “pretty incredible.” He also took a moment to thank everyone who voted for him on Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed meeting people from all 20 counties while on the campaign trail.

Throughout 2020, Clyde visited each county in the Ninth District wearing his combat boots from his time in the Navy. He might even wear them on the Congressionally floor if he wins the General Election.

“We had the right message of capabilities and experience for the people of the Ninth District,” said Clyde.

The Clyde campaign had to overcome an approximately $2.2 million attack ad buy dedicated to bringing them down. These ads pervaded radio waves, social media, and other media outlets.


When asked how he and his wife overcame all the negativity, Clyde responded with a “lot of prayer.” They spend every morning with time in prayer and asking for God’s guidance with the campaign.

Since winning the runoff election, Clyde received a seven-minute congratulatory phone call from President Donald Trump. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and Congressmen Jim Jordan, Buddy Carter, Drew Ferguson, Jody Hice sent congratulations as well.

With 100 percent reporting, Clyde garnered 50,055 votes (56.31%) to Matt Gurtler’s 38,832 votes (43.69%).
The party leader is also “ready to roll” for the November 3 General Election. Clyde added, “It’s important we get every Republican out to vote.”

The Ninth District is the most conservative one in Georgia, but no one should take that fact for granted.
Clyde will face Devin Pandy, who is running as a bipartisan Democrat, in November.

Feature image courtesy of Andre Clyde for Congress.


See who’s in the August 11 runoff elections

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General Primary runoff August 11 state runoff returns

NORTH GEORGIA – Now that the General Primary is over, several candidates are facing runoff elections across North Georgia.

The runoff is scheduled for Tuesday, August 11. Early in-person voting will begin on July 20, 2019. Georgia residents who voted in a Republican or Democrat primary can only vote in those party preference primaries. However, if they didn’t select a party preference in the General Primary, then they can vote in either runoff. Also, those who voted in nonpartisan in the General Primary can vote in either runoff.

For a breakdown of the runoff races, see below.


U.S. House of Representatives District 9


Andrew Clyde

Matt Gurtler


Devin Pandy

Brooke Siskin

U.S. House of Representatives District 14


John Cowan

Marjorie Greene

U.S. Senate


John Ossoff

Teresa Tomlinson

Georgia State House Representative District 9


Steve Liebel

Will Wade

Georgia State Senate District 50


Stacy Hall

Bo Hatchett


Fannin – Commission Chairman


Stan Helton

Jamie Hensley

Gilmer – Magistrate Judge

Kevin Johnson

Reagan Griggs Pritchett

Pickens – Tax Commissioner


Daniel Reeves

Amy Gibson

Pickens – Board of Education Post One


Donna Enis

Thomas Gartrell

White – Probate Judge


Don Ferguson

Carol Jackson

Towns – Sheriff


Kenneth “Ode” Henderson

Daren “Bear” Osborn

Murray – Sheriff


Dekota Boling

Jimmy Davenport

Read General Primary state results here.

To review the individual county race returns, please go to the individual websites.

The election for Kelly Loeffler’s Senate Seat won’t appear on the ballot until Nov 3.

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