Safety Fire Commissioner deployed to Navajo Nation as part of the Nation Guard COVID-19 response

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John King Navajo Nation

ATLANTA – Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John F. King issued the following statement today regarding his recent deployment to the Navajo Nation in his National Guard capacity in the ongoing fight against COVID-19:

“In light of my recent deployment to the Navajo Nation as part of the Department of Defense’s response to COVID-19, I will be stepping away from my role on the COVID-19 Vaccination Distribution Task Force here in Georgia. However, I am confident that Governor Kemp and his team will make suitable arrangements to effectively implement our state’s comprehensive distribution plan. Upon my return, I will travel the state to urge Georgians – especially those in our Spanish-speaking communities – to get vaccinated. Together, we will ensure a safer, healthier future for our great state.”

The Navajo Nation, located in northeastern Arizona, southeastern Utah, and northwestern New Mexico,  is currently under a shelter in place order with a 57-hour lockdown on weekends. There’s evidence of 75 uncontrolled community spread cases as a result of family gatherings and travel. Residents are required to stay at home and stay on the Navajo reservation. Any movement is limited to essential activities. Businesses must close by 7 p.m. MST and the tourist attractions are closed. The order is in place until December 28, 2020.

According to the Nation’s President Jonathan Nez, the territory reported “158 new cases, 10,623 recoveries, and two more deaths related to COVID-19.” on Monday, December 14. Navajo Nation has a total of 19,766 cases. The 2010 census estimated that 173,667 people lived on the reservation.

Navajo Nation received it’s first shipment of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Monday. It’s estimated to be around 3,900 doses will be distributed to healthcare facilities early this week.


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