Commissioners officially dismiss Animal Control Head


BLUE RIDGE, Ga – Following an executive session, all three Fannin County Commissioners voted to terminate Animal Control Department Head John Drullinger.

When asked about the dismissal later, Chairman Jamie Hensley stated it was time to make a change and go in a different direction.

The public began calling for Drullinger’s termination months ago. Several of those who came forward questioned if they had been personally slighted by the department head because of their opposition to his leadership style. The most recent calls for termination came on April 13, 2021.

Read more about individuals’ complaints with the former Animal Control Head here.

Since Hensley took office, the county’s been making changes to improve the animal control facilities like fixing the drainage issue inside the building, trucks now have a GPS monitoring system, new sink installed, new hours, an account for donations, and started a volunteer of the month.

Anyone interest can donate to Fannin County Animal Control on the county website.

The animal control facility was recently deep cleaned and organized on April 27. Hensley’s hopeful these positive strides forward will continue in the future.

J.R. Cornett was placed as interim head of Animal Control. He’s been with the department for more than five years.

Fannin’s also accepting applications for those who are qualified to lead Animal Control.

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